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A new game, developed just for Haiku by a Google Code In student!
SuperFreeCell. No ha quedado mal. Se trata del clásico solitario de Carta Blanca para Haiku. Hecho en C++ usando la API de BView.

SuperFreeCell. Not bad. It's the classic game from Microsoft Windows called FreeCell but ported to Haiku. It uses C++ and the BView API
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The official Enlightenment project youtube channel is on!! Check out the videos.

Special thanks to Tom for the hard job.

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I am not entirely sure about this.

I mean it depends on the paper and its author(s) but many papers i have seen and read out there have been so vague or poorly written they were as useless as a delivery flier without a "telephone number for orders".

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Looks like an interesting theme
I'm giving away 100 copies of Xeus Twilight! 
All you have to do is +1 and share the theme and this post!

Link to the theme to share:

I'll then send you a copy via mail.

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yay! 0.7 is out!

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αυτό δεν ταιριάζει ακριβώς εδώ αλλα δεν ούτε ταιριάζει ακριβώς στο "εφαρμογές" τέλος πάντων.

Ψάχνω calendar widget το οποιο να κάνει sync με Google Calendar ως alternative του stock Google calendar widget.

Θέλω οπωσδήποτε monthly και weekly view και well θα προτιμούσα να είναι όσο νάνε pretty (αλλα σε πρώτη φάση με ενδιαφέρει το functionality παρα απαραίτητα η ομορφιά).

αν είναι 3rd party θα προτιμούσα open source παρα κάποιο οποιοδήποτε κλειστό third party (εκτος αν είναι από κάποιο "established" trusted (ο θεός να τους κάνει) third party vendor).

Any ideas?

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Hey guys, the funding campaign for this game is still on!

Help make it happen for 'Tulpa'! #indiegogo #Tulpagame

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Join us this Tuesday (18/03) in Thessaloniki, Greece!
March is here and it is time for another meetup!.
This time, we're talking agile methodologies and we have a new guest speaker!
Get all the details:
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