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Bob Lowry
Leading blogger and author for experiencing a Satisfying Retirement Journey
Leading blogger and author for experiencing a Satisfying Retirement Journey

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Comments and Restrictions
Over the past several weeks the number of comments left on the blog have dropped. I have been notified by one reader that she has encountered problems adding a comment, usually in the form of a a multi-step captcha process. I have made no change to the comm...

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An Outsider Looks At Social Media
Well, not a true outsider. I do have a Satisfying Retirement and personal Facebook page and a Twitter account. Primarily, I use them to promote this blog. I will comment on someone else's postings if I feel particularly engaged by something, but not very of...

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A Letter To My 40 Year Old Self
If given the chance I am not sure I would want to go back almost 30 years to give pointers to my 40 year old self. The rule of unintended consequences would might make such time travel a disaster. But, for purposes of this post, let's pretend it would be a ...

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Top 7 Retirement FAQs
On Web sites FAQs are  Frequently Asked Questions . They are the inquires that occur often enough to be predictable. The questions are followed by short, to-the-point answers that sometimes actually answers the questions. Here are my responses to the most c...

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Online Thieves Are Looking For You
The holiday shopping season has begun in earnest. Projections are a 10% increase in online sales over last year, which already set records. Unfortunately, that means a growing opportunity for those who want to separate you from your money, your online ident...

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Happy Thanksgiving
Though the contentious election season is finally past us, there  remain powerful feelings and a sense that we have a long season of healing. Even more than most years, f or this day I want to  keep my focus on the good things in my life, and that starts wi...

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The #1 Problem With Our Health Care Future
No, it is not the massive increase in ACA premiums for those who must buy on the individual market. Nor is it the similar increase in deductibles and copays for the health insurance that the 80% of us who get coverage through our jobs must face.  No, it is ...

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Caregiving: A Burden or Gift?
I received the following press release about caregivers and those who are cared for.  I found the results both encouraging and distressing. I' welcome your reaction. SAN FRANCISCO – October 31, 2016 – As part of November’s National Family Caregivers Month, ...

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Confessions Of a News Junkie
I blame it on the just-past election mayhem. I blame it on the ease of being constantly updated on a smartphone or tablet. I blame it on a personal weakness. Whatever the reason, I have spent way too much time looking at the news, opinion columns, and analy...

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Retire With Less Than One Million Dollars? Sure
From the archives. First published three years ago, these thoughts continue to be appropriate as 10,000 people a day retire. According to many  retirement advice  experts, $1,000,000 is the minimum you need in your investments accounts to have a satisfying ...
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