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Yangyang Shi

Opening Doors Foundation Executive Director and Founder:

I finished undergrad in 2013. I have been doing lab and clinical research in the ENT department at Stanford since as my job. I originally started helping out these students a year ago and as time went on, students asked me if I could come more often to help. That was when I realized that I could use some help helping these students.

Many of these students struggle in life because the high schools fail to provide the necessary guidance they need to succeed and their families cannot afford tutoring. There are many good causes out there such as free clinics or clothing drives for
low income individuals of which I participated in. Yet, I feel that this is unique because we can help these students who are most at risk for those social services in adulthood during the critical period of high school and in turn may be able to prevent those needs in the first place.

My long term goal is to become a physician but I hope to still be involved with this nonprofit as an adviser in the future.
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