Day 8: Whoa, this trip just gets crazier and crazier. :) Today, we started off the day with a visit to the ATLAS control room where we got some more explanations of what each of the areas were working on, and then we headed back to the main CERN campus where I got to watch Professor Higgs interview about the seminar tomorrow, and then meet him afterward! Peter Higgs of the Higgs Boson. Ahh... Definitely acted like a starstruck teenager and got lots of pictures and an autograph. :)

We finished the day with a visit to the ALICE (a large ion collider experiment, how wonderfully simple) control room and then to the magnetic coil testing facility of CERN where the superconducting magnets and the accelerators for the proton beams are tested. Now a little down time before dinner with our wonderful guide, Silvano! :) Excited for tomorrow's big announcement!
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