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Jacobs Branding Graphics & Website Designs
Transparency Is A Must! I help creative, crafty people and small businesses brand themselves online and set up a social media presence and website that will help engage their audience and delight their current followers.
Transparency Is A Must! I help creative, crafty people and small businesses brand themselves online and set up a social media presence and website that will help engage their audience and delight their current followers.

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*Transitioning from an IEP to a 504 - Part 2
Here we are, half way through Autism Awareness Month. The time has flown by. I have decided to write a little on the schedule for transitioning. I talked about Autism in its early infliction on our children. This led us down the path of what we need to know...

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The #NewGoogleSites needs some definite work. See other posts for critique and peek at the back end of the set.

Holley Jacobs Internet Marketing's purpose is to be clear about what I stand for, to believe that obstacles are there to be conquered, and to take risks necessary for personal growth and entrepreneurial success. My goals are to achieve maximum potential and create LONG-TERM relationships with clients. I will provide a sound and profitable return for all parties involved.

With my services/products, I will assist you in raising exposure on the internet, an increase in revenue and clients, awareness about your company or cause, future employees and partners, donation contributions, volunteers, board members, and networking opportunities.
I provide the following services:

Website/Blog Design

Print design including flyers, brochures, business cards, marketing material, logos, stationery, postcards, etc.

Assessment, planning, implementation, and revisions to brand your company or organization.

Creative marketing tools such as booklets, PowerPoint presentations, banner ads, podcasts, photo slideshows, flipbooks, mp3 players, video players, playlists, quizzes, polls, surveys, slidecasts, smart notifications, 24/7 appointment making capabilities, and much more.
Social Media Setup

Web Design, Graphic Design, Microsoft Office, Limited HTML, CSS, Javascript, Logo Design, On-line Fundraising, WYSIWYG layout tools, Newsletter Design, Operating Systems Knowledge, Flyer/Brochure Design, Print Design, Analytics, Digital Art, SAAS, Browser Knowledge, Search Knowledge, CMS

Personal Branding, Audience Development, Authenticity, Best Practices, Brand Awareness, Brand Marketing, Branding, Campaign Management, Content Management, Creativity, Customer Relations, Digital Marketing, Email Marketing, Google +, Google, Graphics, Graphic Design, Print Marketing, Blogging, Design, Emerging Trends, Image Creation, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, YouTube, Networking, Relationship Building, Social Media Marketing, Monitoring, Publishing, and Sharing, Image Editing and Management, Data Analysis, User Engagement

My values are simple, and I follow them in all aspects of my life. They include honesty, productivity, responsibility, creativity, pride, critical thinking, self-motivation, teamwork, and integrity. My business concepts are to guarantee 100% customer satisfaction, quality driven work, and improvement at continuous intervals.
So, How May I Help You?


~ Holley Jacobs

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I am a die-hard #Google lover and anyone who knows me will tell you that I am a "Google-holic". I have kept up to date on all things Google almost as fast as they change things around. I haven't minded Google changing things up as many people have because I think that change leads to improvements. Well, not so much in the case of the new Google Sites. I am a Google Map Contributor and sign up for any option that Google offers as "beta testers". Unfortunately, this is the one time that I have not been impressed by the power of Google. My hopes are that Google takes feedback given seriously and makes MAJOR advancements to the new Google Sites. Check out the website I eventually designed here on Google Plus.

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Amnesia Verses Dead Space
I love horror games. There's two horror games that I love but scare me a lot. Amnesia: The Dark Descent and the first Dead Space. If I had to choose the game that I liked more and scares me more, it's got to be Amnesia. First, the monsters. All the monsters...

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18 years ago, I gave birth to the most compassionate, caring, intelligent, and beautiful son. You, Jacob, have been by my side every second of every day for the past 18 & 1/2 years. You are the most wanted child ever to come into this world. You bring me such joy and makes me try to be a parent. I am not perfect, but no one loves you or ever will love you the way that I do. I promise to never abandon you or not be here for whatever it is you need. You are my heart, soul, and a wonderful son. The love I have for you is indescribable. My love for you is FOREVER lasting and I could not possible put how I feel about you into words. You make me mad sometimes, but those disagreements will never stop me from loving you. You are my world and I hope you never forget that or how special you are to me.

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Check out my newest video to raise awareness of domestic violence and it's devastating effects.

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Please help us assist those who are in the same situation that my son and I were in 5 and 1/2 years ago. We can save a life. It is that important.
~ Holley Jacobs

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Are They Different....Really?
“Asperger’s syndrome has probably been an important and valuable characteristic of our species throughout evolution.” Tony Attwood. The term "teenager" can scare any parent.  Imagine if your teenager also had a disability.  People think children on the Auti...
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