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Shana Bresnahan
Journeying with you toward vibrant wellness and financial freedom that enables generous living.
Journeying with you toward vibrant wellness and financial freedom that enables generous living.

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This is a live event that will be broadcasted via Google+ Hangout for those not local.

Learn how to incorporate dōTERRA Essential Oils into pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum care of yourself and baby.

Learn how essential oils can help momma and baby with the following:
Ear aches
Diaper rash
Digestive Issues
Stretch marks

This is a FREE class. Please feel free to invite other moms and moms to be.

JULY DEAL EXTENDED: Enroll with a 100pv order and get 50 product credits for FREE! That's like $50 of free oils!

Considering purchasing, but need to know a few things..
1) Can easily embed videos from YouTube.?
2) Can I add form fields other than just first name and email?
3) Can I have an automatic download of a song or pdf from the landing page? I know I can send them something once they are a lead, but I'm talking about just a click to download link. 

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After 3 years, we've have finally heard the words "You're Normal." 

We've finally been cleared from marriage counseling. This post talks about what I learned and reveals some new fears that I didn't expect. 

If you get something out of this post, and think one of your friends might too, please share it. I hope my learnings from these last 3 years can help others avoid the same journey, or at least shorten it :)

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After 3 years, #marriage counseling is finally over! 

Go to YouTube. Type "Do the Harlem Shake" in the search box. Enjoy.

How do you let clients know about your travel plans? I've got a few consistent clients and then some that come and go depending on their needs. I'm about to be on a 2-3 week mission trip and want to do a good job of keeping them in the loop and confident of my ability to handle their work despite my trip. 

What are your favorite marriage blogs to read that keep your encouraged and give you good ideas?

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Oreo gets it. #socialmedia 

Just taught my sister, +Felicia Hartman , how to Hangout. Now it's time to get mom on board. 
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