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Science Author, Speaker, and Blogger
Science Author, Speaker, and Blogger


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Classical education is near and dear to my heart, so I'm am excited to be kicking off a month of tips for science in the classical education model with today's podcast!

Come listen to what this scientist / homeschooling momma believes classical science should look like at home:

#classicaled #homeschoolscience #homeschooling

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I am often asked – is nature study enough for our homeschool science plans or do we need to add more hands-on science?

And I typically answer:
>Yes, nature study is enough.
>And, no, nature study is not enough.

To which I get a confused look as a response! Let’s dig in a bit deeper:

#naturestudy #sciencetips #teachingscience #instascience

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As homeschooling mommas, we want to do the absolute best for our students. But we have all had those moments when we realize that we have missed something important. What do you do in those moments?

Here's what I do -

#homeschooling #homeschooltips

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Need some tips for making science fun?
In episode 10 of the Teaching Science at Home show, I am sharing four “Do’s and Don’ts” will help you make science your kid's favorite subject!

Watch the 6 min video:

Or listen to the audio and check out the show notes:

#teachingscienceathome   #homeschooling   #sciencefun  

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The fully-stocked home science lab
Before you start teaching science at home, do you really have to buy a full set of glassware, chemicals, and equipment? In this episode, I am sharing a few tips for how to have a fully-stocked home science laboratory without breaking the bank!

Listen here:

To see show notes visit:

#kitchenscience   #homeschoolscience   #teachingscienceathome  

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Have you heard the "I'm bored" phrase from your kids yet?
Kids always want school to be over, but usually a few weeks into summer kids all over the world can be heard uttering "I'm bored."

Bust their boredom with some science using these three tips from the most recent #TSAHshow  audio blog:

Subscribe to the #TSAHshow  below:

#homeschooling   #homeschoolscience   #summer   #summerscience  

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Happy D.E.A.R. Day!
D.E.A.R. = Drop Everything And Read, which is one holiday that all of us homeschoolers can get behind :-)! What books are you planning on picking up today?

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Are you spinning around on the Wheel of "If's"?
You know, the round of lines that begin with, "If I could just..." The one that plays like a never-ending tape in your head.

You are not alone! I have been there and today I am sharing about how I got off that wheel at the +Great Homeschool Conventions blog! Can you relate?

Read the post:

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Tips for Notebooking {Infograph}
Love this infograph of my tips for notebooking that the +Sassafras Science team put together for their blog!

Here's the original post:

Or you can pin it direct the infograph from here:

#tips   #notebooking   #homeschool   

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Thought you all would enjoy from this amazing infograph the +Sassafras Science team put together of my top tips for notebooking :-).
Here's the original post:

Or you can pin it direct from here:
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