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Lets talk D&D crafting and gridless play.
Lets talk D&D crafting and gridless play.

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Check out my YouTube Channel for Cheap and easy tiles and terrain for your RPG games. I love BBF.

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New vid today on crafting stone faces...enjoy.

Crafting a stone face for D&D (The DM's Craft, EP24)

About to start running the "Varnhold Vanishing" AP for my D&D group. I will heavily modify it as most of the AP is made up of unlinked encounters. This is the third module in the "Kingmaker" series.

I can be erratic in my posts sometimes and i will try to answer any questions I get.

Here is a good question I got on DM's Craft and my answer....

How would you go about doing outdoors woodland. I am going to recreate the map that comes with the pathfinder beginners box and there is one tile at the start that is outside. :-)

I don't use the grid so for me I just decide what type of terrain the PCs are in. If they are in woods I use the tree stands. If they are on a rocky hillside I use some rocks and plant bases and decide what side of the table slopes up..I have a cloth I put on the table also. If the session will be mostly outside I use a grass colored tablecloth and if it is a dungeon I use a black one

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Chugging along....I have another vid out.

Adding statues to a room in D&D (Short Tip, EP10)

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New Vid out today.

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Here is an artifact I made for one of my games. I had a monster named the Decapitator who was a undead Lord who took peoples heads. He had a black stone monolith with screaming heads hanging from it. I made the artifact from a styrofoam sheet. I created the gore with a glue gun and the heads are GW zombie heads...quite effective I think.
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Have an idea for my next game. I'm going to make a talking stone head like from the movie labyrinth.

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