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full of white cabbage and moonlight
my kitchen table remains in space

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Va bene?
Va bene? Va male? The man who
overheard Christ talking to Saint Catherine tries to cross the hot
water pool with a lit candle though his house is full of water. His
neighbours pull him out and he never reaches the far end. Tu sei pazzo! Once he locked up

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prose poems / prosadigte
I keep
getting the year wrong. I should listen to my electronic devices in
contact with localised world time but the fog distracts me. Jeg bliver ved med at tage fejl af årstallet. Jeg burde lytte til
mine elektroniske apparater, der har forbindelse til den...

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a concrete poem / et konkret digt
CONTAINER / BEHOLDER \/   \/   \_/ 
\/  \/  \/  \/ \/   \/   \_/ 
\/  \/  \/  \/  \/   \/   \_/ 
\/  \/  \/  \/ \/   \/   \_/ 
\/  \/  \/  \/  \/   \/   \_/ 
\/  \/  \/  \/ \/   \/...

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micro / mikro
in a night's house cloth and doom i en nats hus stof og dommedag : to avoid the Iness a start a meal at undgå jegheden en begyndelse et måltid : pain of hand perhaps it's French? hånds smerte måske er det
fransk? : this place has a
name. we're strangers det...


»When I get visitors that idiot has already drunk it all«
»Meet me at the bistro at 9«

lowering my expectations frost


»Når jeg får gæster, har den idiot allerede drukket det hele«
»Mød mig på bistroen kl 9«

nedjusterer mine forventninger frost


tiny haibun/Twitter haibun

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tiny haibun / små haibun


» It's not fair. «
» He obviously liked to party. «
» Yea, just look at the dust. «

rain now,
that's a good name for it



» Det' ikke retfærdigt. «
» Han ku' tydeligvis lide at feste. «
» Ja, se bare støvet. «

se, dét er et godt
navn for det

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tiny haibun on fragments from Die Hard and Robin Hood
a dilemma. « »You
have my number . « Jan 1st the lizard brain survived DILEMMA »Det'
et dilemma.« »Du
har mit nummer.« 1ste
jan krybdyrhjernen overlevede ::: PAMONA » Where
does he live? « » Ramona. « » Pamona? « »Pamona?« midnight
espresso I...

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Planet of the Apes / Abernes planet - tiny haibun
» Doctor,
I would like to give you a farewell kiss. « » Alright,
but you're so damn ugly. « Planet
of the Apes do the
females wear
apocalypstick? » Doktor,
jeg vil gerne give Dem et farvelkys. « » Alright,
men De er så forbandet grim. « Abernes
Planet bærer...

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'You have made us a little lower than the angels'                                  a year ends I fall over                                  a calculator says                                  one second my own feet                                  later tha...
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