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Buy gold or dirham, dont save lots on a bank.
it's not the same thing is the truth !!!!
people who own money for thousands of years use the same tactics to get what they want from those who do not have
The CEO Banksters are laughing all the way with Barney Frank!
bank keeps your money safe, instead of putting cash under mattress where fire or armed theft can destroy it
...can't a fire or armed theft happen at a bank?
+Joshua Goggins I would recommend following +Paul Allen. He has been on since the beginning and posts some helpful tips. This post is located on his profile, but for quick reference it can be located here: Welcome to Google Plus!
... and, of course, charge you a fee for that. Also, do they ask YOU for permission to whom will they borrow YOUR money?
+Zaire Adams - it can, but try getting your insurance company to replace cash kept in your mattress.

That having been said, the concept of usury is getting a little out of hand.
oh so true. Then after making billions in profit you get to post a loss on your taxes.
Actually This Whole Banking System & monetary system used today in this world is Unstable......paper Currency,Plastic Money....all Sucks in The End........the real currency is only the one which holds its real value inside it......that is real wealth.......Everything else is unstable bullshit
Try not spending so much time worring about were ur going to hide ur money and hid ur man hood n a tiny pink pot u dig
Makes you wonder why most of the Bank stocks are such poor investments....reminds me of me though - when I was only around 7 or 8 - I held auctions in my garage for toys I was supposed to get rid of....LOL
They will give your ball to other people to play with and you might not get it back.
It would be nice to have some money to worry about if it got burnt or lost!!!!
Also: "I will create a new ball out of thin air if you want to borrow it and I'll need you to give two balls back when you return it."
When times get tough they'l cut your balls off.
Yeah, we should totally go back to a barter economy. Also, vaccines don't work, airplanes are too heavy to fly, and monarchy is the best form of government.

Memes are stupid.
LOL, you can say no to the bank also. Keep your money under your pillow if you want.
Banks do things that I consider wrong but the oversimplification of the image is dumb.
Sounds alot like taxes, too, except I don't need to use a bank... Not doing taxes gets me jailtime.
This made me laugh out loud....
watch Zeitgeist the movie if this is too dumb for you.
got to figur out how to run on cash
Wooww, true but to do that with kids really? kinda stupid
+Opal Allen oh C'mon. really? We're talking about something interesting here... God's too well entertained watching african children die to care about what banks do.
In other words...

got balls? We have missions!
+Jacob Mueller That's not just credit unions. Most medical debt is supposed to be seen as a different kind of debt now. It doesn't have the same weight as other debt.
So, the suggestion is, take the ball which doesn't belong to you, and keep it as yours without paying anything.
solution... pay in cash. Results.. you stop whining. Assumption... you grew up.
The pic of those two kids playing PERFECTLY frames the personalities of people who complain about banks.
uhm, i played teacher and house. but never bank. apparently i played the wrong games!
teacher on house this wrong game hahahahaha
You would have to be the biggest kid(bully) in the playground for that to work, else they could just take it back.
I wish I played this game when I was younger... Funny story: while playing Monopoly, a player among us, who decided to be the "banker" kept going to jail. Now that was a great game.
And if the ball deflates because it's being kicked too hard, they can always blame the playing surface (which they chose) and the game rules (which they chose) and demand a new ball from you or they'll not play anymore. 
Oh My God. What a great game! I will very probably use this game in the near future.
That almost says it all. Ya just forgot to mention the insurance and the investment sides :-/
father-in-law and myself were just talking about this last night. Get a green dot debit card for instance. It costs $4.95 to purchase the card, and if you don't put at least $1000 worth of deposits on it a month or use it 30 times, they charge another $5.95 a month. And it's our money to begin with. I don't think I want to play ball today.
Hey guys can v friends...coz am new...!!
THINK+ very nice, enjoyed lot. ..... and if it needs, lot of public money to bail out. Ha ha ha
Its ok the intrest from the savings acct in no way covers the cost. Mahahaha
You won't get charged for the ball if you choose the right ball to begin with...just saying.
Moore watz tat 8s mns??
Yep! That's how they do it. If they play the game really well, its called an excellent "customer-experience".

thats crap why put this rubbish on there it dont make no sence like the person who put it on there !!!!! ... just saying
Brilliant if not a simplistic way of describing the banking business. What other industry has the ability to utterly ignore the fundamentals of commerce and then come out of it smelling like a rose (dipped in manure)?
this one time i had a bank like that. Got rid of it too
Glad to see there are a few more cynics out there to keep me company. It protects against naive expectancy in life & keeps you grounded.
For those with poor credit who are unable to get a bank account, the Walmart Moneycard (Green Dot) can be a lifesaver. Minimal fees (direct deposit option usually takes care of the "$1000-deposit" fee), and it's not possible to overdraft. The $4.95 price is really a pittance, and even the $5 a month charge is nothing compared to what some banks hit you with.
The image glosses over the fact the 'bank' protects the ball from other children. Banks are just insurance policies after all.
Not enough room on that page to list all the ways banks screw their customers
I will also lend your ball and create new balls which don't exist physically only virtually
Actually I asked you to buy the ball in my stead, that way I can pay you back for it at more than five times the ball was ever worth.
I don't understand banks at all. 1: GET MORE STAFF. They seem to be open 14 hours a week or something. 2: Why can't a bank just do what you think it does? They charge you a small fee to hold on to your money and to keep it safe. Maybe you can get a better deal on interest.

Why can't these things just happen normally??????????
you could read it in 2 different ways
oh sweet! where do i sign up???
Oh! I remember my good old days (almost six dacades back playing with my school pal Raju!! Raju are you there????
what solution do we hv to this banking game?
Banks make commerce posible. How would you send your balls over the internet?
Oh, I'm dying from the bank. It is an eater.
This isn't the 1930's this is 2012 FDIC exists.
My bank tells me I must give 28 days notice before I can play with my ball.
There is no "solution" to the banking game. No one forces you to use banks. Life might be slightly more complicated without them, that's for sure, but there's nothing that holds a gun to your head and says "use a bank!" If you're totally dissatisfied with your bank's policies, then the solution is clear: withdraw your money. See how easy that was? Problem solved. And that's the lesson for the day, folks. How do you influence the policies of companies in a capitalist society? With your business. If you like a company, you do business with them. If you don't like a company, you don't do business with them. Problem solved.

And as far as overdraft fees go ... you're joking when you complain about them, right? ""My bank charges me a small fee when "I" write hot checks (you know, those checks that land you in jail if you DON'T have overdraft protection?) and someway, somehow, I'm the victim here. God forbid I be held accountable for my own lack of financial responsibility, right?"" If you don't like paying overdraft fees, stop writing hot checks! You are responsible for paying your bills, not the bank. Overdraft protection is a courtesy, and you are not entitled to it. And you are certainly not entitled to it at no cost.

Without overdraft protection, you're stuck paying the retailer's fees and possibly even criminal charges. Is there any level of reality where you can get out of that kind of trouble by spending a measly $30 bucks without overdraft protection?
The whole system is corrupt, it's not only about banks. There is a big abundance of irrelevant and purposeless institutions that we have now
Don't banks pay you for holding your money? I know mine does, if you're being charged for giving the bank your money you're doing it wrong. 
i showed this to my teacher he said "yupp that sbanking for you!" wow i love laptops! new mobile computer lab!!! many smart people but sometimes not so smart. Do you know how many people out there take advantage of banks....nobody's making anything off all the people that live check to check and there are tons of ways to avoid all fees. Maybe if some folks would balance their checkbooks we wouldn't get fees. Notice its not the folks with a lot of money complaining its the ones with out. Which the bank still provides avenues to make banking free. By the way which one of u work for free? That's right there is a cost of doing business in 2012. Don't blame the bank blame your government for regulating how banks operate. And lastly if any of you has real money and are getting any fees let me for storing in a bank...u might be at the wrong bank. 
Don't start sunshine quickest way to lose money to the fat cats.
haha i should of played banking when i was little
LoL thats the exact reason I stopped using banks for real estate.
Little kid is already hustlin' lol
Alex: use a bank and they will figure out how or what to charge you. Their interest income is down due to the RE debacle and FED hasn't allowed them to get rid of toxic loans for 2006, 2007 & 2008. Until they get rid of loans, they will continue to find ways to charge customers. Balancing checkbook has nothing to do with it. It was the implementation of the ATM when they realized they could charge you for any service. They also want more use of ATMs that are in service to customers. You can now do all of your banking at an ATM near your home (no deposit slip deposits, banking app). But watch out for the fees implementation cycle(s) to start.
I use a Credit Union ('member-owned') instead of a bank. It feels less evil.
Has anyone tried to eat a ball.
This is fucking awesome! I have to share this with some friends 
You can't eat money. What the hell is on your mind.
Better would be to borrow the ball given to the banker and not return it. Stupid law takes several years and you can enjoy the ball in the meanwhile.
banking is the part now and never every can change, yes we can try to change our self to safe things and money. enjoy today, no need to worry or panic , spend wisely and enjoy the whole life.
+Jacob Mueller Gold, Silver, Rice, Sugar, and all other things that have INTRINSIC VALUE are REAL WEALTH., whose worth & prices are already defined by Divinity & Nature., whose value can not be changed by IMF/Fedral Reserve without any justification & reason., The real thing is INTRINSIC VALUE.,!
The Banking System (started from 17th century) has made whole mankind SLAVES.,! Financial SLAVES.,! Making poor countries poorer and poorer and richer WAY MORE RICHER.,
& no you can't save yourself from banks (except start living in mountains) ., because around the globe every government imposes and forces their nations to be part of banking system. Its not just a question of whether you put your cash under your pillow or put it in your bank A/C ., the real problem is CASH Currency.,

Hey guys just use your common sense., would you like to allow I.M.F. & Federal Reserve to shuffle your hard worked income around and around and mostly downwards? The real currency must have INTRINSIC VALUE, like gold. (further explained in my previous comment).

To everyone, this just does not seems right that:
A Pakistani goes to Saudia Arab, & there buys a bag of chocolates from an Indian shopkeeper by swiping his credit card & the white collar landlords sitting in banks (specialty IMF & FR) gain a certain amount of profit from this transaction.,!
Does this seems right to anyone.,? This is the real power of BANKING SYSTEM.,!
Sounds like my big brother, when we were young, every time I want to borrow his books he wants to charge me a pound.
Casey: the people who are mainly complaining are talking about 2 fees*Overdraft and monthly ones is complaining about low mortgage rates, however the only people who have a right to complaining are the the ones about interest rates on savings and cd's...and they have every right to do so. But make no mistake those people don't get fees. The people who are mainly getting fees are the people who are overdrawing accounts or keep a low balance use the branch the atm's the tellers always requesting new debit cards & always printing statements....they keep a 15$ balance and walk in mad cause banks don't give them everything FREE. I work among the folks day in and day out. Banks have lost billions in overdraft regs put in place. But it is what it is....I just want one person in these posts to say...I was not given any option on how to bank free. Although u r also correct on what you say a lot of folks in this posts have no clue about a toxic loan. Read the comment on this post by +will mahan , his post is clear and on point. We are talking about straight banking fees. That is what this picture on this post discusses. I just deal with this on a daily basis...and it burns me when people act as though we have our hands in their pocket ripping them off... c'mon.. free online, free mobile, free use of any ATM of ours, free direct deposit, free unlimited use of your debit card free free free....and no balance requirement, statements online free statements by on your debit card purchases cause you shop online and your identity could be compromised, and lastly free financial consultation if you need help with that bad credit.... BUT IF USE ONE PENNY THATS NOT YOURS U WILL PAY a FEE. How is that not fair??? So if your bank does not do that...then maybe you should bank elsewhere....JusSaYin'
Oh if we wanna talk about how we really get ripped off....someone post something on how we get screwed everytime we pump gas. We invade a country with oil and we still get ripped at the pump. That's a fee for you Ass-what about what you pay for text messaging its more expensive than a monthly bank maintenance fee ...and now some people getting data usage allowance of 2gb when it was all free...lmao.... but we pay....its all about the cost of doing business...don't see anyone talking about..oh I'm going back to being without a cell phone! Bottom line eventually most of us need banks...
Waaris Ahmed, why shouldn't banks make a profit from the transactions? Do they or do they not provide the infrastructure necessary to make credit card transactions possible? Do electronic transaction devices (ie. card swipers, networks, software, computers, security, skilled personnel, accessible locations, online locations, ATMs ... should I stop?) require maintenance, repairs, and wages, or do they not?

Do you work for a living or do you not? If you do work for a living, do you expect compensation for the services you render or do you not? Maybe in the land of unicorns and glitter, people (and banks) work for free. Maybe in a land of magical fairies, all kinds of services are provided cheerfully at no cost. But in the land of reality, everyone (including you) expects to be compensated for their time, effort, and expertise.

I don't want anyone to mistake this as a bank advocate post. That's not what it is at all. As a point of fact, I'm not a particular fan of the financial industry, myself. What I am is an individual who understands reality. I understand that when you ask someone to perform a service, you should expect them to expect compensation. I understand that nothing in this world is free because EVERYONE values their own time and efforts (including you!) And as I said before, if you are discontent with your bank's policies, simply withdraw your money and bury it in a fruit jar. And that is all the protest you have any right to make. You certainly have no right to DEMAND that banks provide all manners of services, including something like overdraft protection, at no cost.

So you ask, does it seem right to me that an entity (the bank) makes a profit after providing a service (credit card transactions)? Yes, it most certainly does seem right to me. It most definitely does. Every single time I work, I get paid. If you work, I imagine that you expect compensation nearly every time you exercise your craft. Banks have that right, too.
I know because everyone who has a account who never keeps money in the bank should just get it all for FREE and we don't have to pay employees or light bills or the bank should let your asses overdraft free too. WHAT DO YOU DO FOR A LIVING? LET ME GET NE SOME FREE STUFF AT YOUR WORK....WHEN'S THE LAST TIME YOUR EMPLOYER GAVE AWAY ANY MERCHANDISE OR FREE LABOR? Lmao NOT NEVER!
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