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Wish people could see this through my eyes.

Venus in what appears to be behind Neptune in the time night sky.

They are so bright together that I thought it was a plane coming in for a landing until I realized to check with Google Sky Map.
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Oh man...Ultimate Warrior passed away. Not sure how many of you were WWE (WWF) back in the day fans but the first person I can remember to beat Hulk Hogan in a title match passed away today.

RIP...Ultimate Warrior :(
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Yeah sad news indeed. Definitely a big part of my growing up years was looking up to these trunk-clad heroes in the ring.
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RIP Massimo Tamburini.

He designed motorcycles for Ducati and MV Augusta. 
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Happy Birthday cell phone.

Thank you Motorola.

Apple is going to file a patent for the cell phone...
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Out to grab some grub with my riding buddy from +Zone Television .

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Going to try this Google+ Local thingie...

Since it is shaping up to be a nice day, is there anyone around me (Lower Westchester/Connecticut boarder area) that is going to play hooky today and go for a motorcycle ride?

Just tuned up my bike and want to go for a ride but it has become boring riding alone mostly.
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This is advice to all the young developers out there or anyone who may have a great idea and would like to bring it to market.

For the past few months a myself and one of my partners have been working on something. He was looking for my skill set and he appeared to be a good straight up guy. We formed a relationship and started working on one of our ideas. We had a similar idea on something else and we decided to try to incorporate into the current project we were working on.

Couple of months go by and we are developing our first idea. We have it to the point where we can present to out group of investors. They liked it but seemed to be more interested in the second project.

After a couple of more meetings they were still more interested in the second project but to myself it was not yet feasible to obtain the goal.

One day sitting in our lawyers office who is also a partner on the business side, the missing key for the second project popped into my head. It was so good it was agreed that we immediately form a corporation and I was put in touch with an IP lawyer to discuss trying to obtain patents.

It was discovered that we might be able to file for 3-5 different patents on the hardware and software side.

Take a guess what happened... All forms of communication stopped between my partners. After a few days go by I start to get nervous. I immediately suspect something fishy is going on and start take the necessary steps to protect myself and the IP I came up with and started development on.

The terms on the partners side are not being followed and my compensation has not been met yet.

So I freak out more and get in touch with some lawyers and they immediately take the steps that are needed to protect myself and the IP.

So weeks into my newly formed company there are already issues about IP.

I hate it, I really just fucking hate it. I thought I had the right people in place where I did not have to worry so much about the business side and I can just focus on what I am developing. wrong I was.

So my advice...get everything in writing. If you have an idea that you think can obtain some patents then just do it yourself. DO NOT TRUST ANYONE!!! You know what...don't even trust what is written on paper. If you do not have the funds in place for all the bullshit to obtain a patent then work your ass off to get the funds while you continue to develop your idea or ask a family member for help.

I am going through hell and have had no time to do what I love.

I am fine and will be. I put in safeguards along the way to protect myself and it is a shame it came to this.

However, I am seriously contemplating on spitting out the code to the open source community and post the hardware schematics all over the net to just give my partners the biggest middle finger I can give.
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IP issues are harsh. One of my relatives went through a lot of what you are describing. It is a shame that you can't have the trust needed between people when you get ideas like that flowing.
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Angelo S

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Help Wanted: Java/Android developer

Over the past few months my partner and I have been working on a couple of projects and one gained a lot steam. I just go the go ahead to begin a search for a team from our investors.

Yes, we do have the proper funding and commitment to see this project through from start to finish.

The first thing we need is a programmer with Android experience. I cannot get into many details about product but it is a very compelling and will do the world some good. I thought to reach out to the Android community at large since I have been a part of it since the original Motorola Droid days and got so much from this community that it is time to give back.

So if you are a Java/Android developer and would like to be a part of this exciting and unique start-up then please forward me some of your work and resume. You may also email or hit me up on Google Hangouts.

We would like to work with someone local. We are located in the NY Metro area in lower Fairfield County in Connecticut on the CT/NY boarder which is about a 40 minute train ride to Grand Central in Manhattan.

This is a paid position and if you are willing to relocated we might be able to help with housing and associated costs.  All details will be discussed in private and you will be presented with a NDA to agree to and sign.

In the coming months we will have more positions that will need to be filled. Everything from circuit  board designer to an office manager and a few more programmers.

I will be releasing more info as time goes by and if you would like to start getting your resume together to present to me then feel free to do so.

Thank you to everyone who contributed in the knowledge I gained from this great community and to those who helped me along the way.

Please feel free to re-share with your groups or anyone you may know that would be interested.
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+Iran Lievanos I will get to you later on busy with meetings for now. You can email me at androiduser00110001 using gmail...
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Angelo S

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What up +the1dynasty . I remember you from back in the Nexus S days (androiduser00110001) from XDA.
CONTEST TIME!!! G+ Exclusive

Rules are simple... 
‣ Download #the1Lucent if you haven't already - (and rate ★★★★★ if you like)
‣ Share a screenshot of your device using #the1Lucent icons and tag me ( +the1dynasty ) so I'm certain to find your post.
‣ Use the tag #the1SSC (that's ScreenShotContest shortened... lol) so that I am able to search them easily when its time for voting.

Contest will run until April 8th at 9pm EST (I'm in Miami so calculate your time based on that lol)... At that time, I will collect all of the submissions and choose from MY favorites and create a post where YOU can cast your vote. The screenshot with the most +1's by the following week (April 16th) will win!! 

There are no limits to the amount of screenshots you can submit but don't get carried away... And you don't have to use my wallpapers but it helps :)

1 Grand Prize Winner - ★★$20 Google Play Credit
1 2nd Place Winner - ★★$10 Google Play Credit
1 3rd Place Winner - ★★$5 Google Play Credit
4th-5th Place Winners - ★★★$2 Credit each
6th-10th Place Winners - ★★★$1 Credit each

★★ Issued via Redemption code on Play Gift Cards. Only valid if you can redeem them.
★★★ Requires working Google Wallet Account. Credits sent and redeemed through Google Wallet.
★★★★ All prizes are coming out of my own pocket to show my appreciation for everyone's support!! 

#the1dynasty   #the1Template   #the1Lucent   #the1Icons   #the1Contest   #the1PlayStore  
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Nice... Just my Nexus 5 and I still have my NS too lol
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Angelo S

commented on a video on YouTube.
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Cool channel. Fun to ride with you!

Looking forward to the warm weather!
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Thanks as always a pleasure A. 
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