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Finally got my MV Agusta. 2014 F3 675.

Got it brand new for such a good price, couldn't pass it up.
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MV AGUSTA,first and no1 in Italians,love it dear,great and lovely high class bike,big like👌👍👍
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Good Morning Google+  your daily story about art: 07.20
This Sunday we remember the Italian Mannerist painter Federico Zuccaro, who died on July 20th in 1609.  Interestingly, during his own life time, Zuccaro was probably the most famous living artist throughout Europe, while today he is often considered to be a minor player.

This is his Pan and Cupid, which was painted around 1600. Before you sigh and think 'just another old painting', think about what the painting is (or could be) telling us. Though they are the subject of the work, it can take a moment to even find Cupid and Pan, but then we see that, while they are  they are actually a bit smaller than the other figures, they are placed in a fairly empty space. Around them we see a number of people, some in the dress of Zuccaro's day, others more un- than dressed, and in the river in the background some nude bathers cavort. 

This is clearly a reference to the rather earthy Pan, known as the God of the wild, whether that is landscapes, woods, animals, shepherds, and anything earthy and rustic. He was known as a kind of nasty joker, who would accost travelers and cause them great fear. In fact, the word Panic comes from his name. Pan had the lower body of a goat, and, in accordance with his companions the satyrs and earthy aspects, was often associated with sexuality - as a lustful, purely physical act. 

And then we have Cupid, also called Amor, or Eros, representing both the aspect of Love vs. raw sexuality, and the aspect of the 'civilization' of the Greek Gods vs. the rustic, primitive and urge-driven pagan spirit Pan.  The Getty, where the painting is today, even sees a triumph of the supernatural (religion) over the pagan and primitive beliefs.

Just please don't ask me what the flying figure with the horn is, I have no idea.

Enjoy your Sunday and tread lightly

Image from wikimedia here: 

#art  #treadlightly  #artandclassontheplus  #EuropeanHistory  #europeanpainting #yourdailyartstory #arthistory 
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And will the people's voice be heard by the government of the people, for the people?

Nope! We will get shit on since dirty political money is involved.
Net neutrality is almost as important to the American public as “Nipplegate.” As of Friday afternoon, the Federal Communications Commission had received more than 1 million comments on its proposed...
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I want to be this machine...
Any Ideas?
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I really like Snapseed. I wish they would let me give them money in exchange for the ability to work with higher-resolution images.
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Just cleaned bike for nice ride tomorrow. Suppose to be a gorgeous day!

Anyone in Lower Westchester/Fairfield area?
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Hmmm, I hope so. It'll be 105f tomorrow here in Phoenix, cool bike too. 
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Second launch
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Hanging by lake...gathering thoughts for upcoming week.
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Ha! Anyone want to be house mates? Maybe 1000 of us can chip in and buy it ;)
 Round Hill Road - Greenwich Real Estate - Presented by David Ogilvy & Associates Realtors - 75 Arch Street, Greenwich, Connecticut 06830 - 203-869-9866 -
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I have some old iPhone cases we could sell and some NY Jets jerseys.
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There are 6.2 million registered motorcycles in the US. Be safe while riding one or sharing the road with cyclists:
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The Offspring - Bad Habit

Damn! I don't know what is up with some cagers!

This goes out to the jerk who works at Jeep/Chrysler service department and cut me off on Putnam Ave in Greenwich, CT. Your boss will get a nice phone call today.

Don't cut people off to go 3 meters just to make a turn at intersection.

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Andy (my droid attached to my backpack) and I decided to wash and wax "our" bike...
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Beautiful machine.
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