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Trying to move to ecigs.
So far not bad.
It's been a week now (apart from the last two days - malfunctioning battery - where i moved back to cigarettes), and i can feel smells again, my fingers & teeth are waaaays more clean and maybe i'm less prone to end up with no breath after a gym session (i hope).

Just mentioning +Jens Reuterberg cause i recoll we talked about vaping months ago.
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+Jens Reuterberg Thx for the tips.
Ye, i'm aware it's just harm reduction - dunno why certain ppl would even think it's 100% safe...It can be ways safer than cigs, but it's not like breathing clean air. Another thing i see is very popular that i'm really not interested in is modding. I see it's a major cause of incidents (battery explosion).
I'll start to check online for some good ejuices, so far just bought what the store nearby had to offer (and there's a very limited choice). Is there something you'd feel to recommend?
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Just random shit.
Apparently powerlevel9k is a no go with konsole.
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Showing a gnome screen... Nothing cool ongoing, just bored, whatever...
GTK3: arc
GS theme: a modded version of arc dark to have less spacing for indicators
Icons: paper
GS extensions: dash-to-dock, frippery move clock,  caffeine, arch linux update indicator (configured to toggle guake), focus my window, media player indicator, recent items, topicons, open weather, freon and shellshape 
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+Simon Solinas Fino ad una settimana fa circa usavo la normale, poi sono passato alla git. 
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La tentazione è forte.
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Sì ma poi ci vorrebbe un video per dimostrare di meritare l'URL...
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Scrot for no reason, just bored.
DE: Gnome shell 3.20
Apps: polari, terminix
GTK2/3 theme: adapta
Shell theme: modded version of adapta (to fix the fucking spacing between indicators in the top panel...I mean, really, any theme should do this by default none does!)
Font: roboto(apps), helvetica neue(shell)
Icons: paper
Extensions: activities configurator, dash to dock, frippery move clock, top icons plus, freon, openweather, rss feeds, arch linux updates indicators, clipboard indicator, recent items, panel osd

P.s. I've become addicted to redshift. This whole setup looks sorta good with it.
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se volessi modificare la trasparenza della barra del titolo delle finestre (es. nautilus), cosa dovrei cercare nel .css? vorrei editare Arc. la trasparenza rende poco visibile la finestra per i miei gusti... solo che non so come vengono chiamati i pannelli :/
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One year later...
Longer beard, short hair (which are near to be gone entirely, but since they're curly they actually look a bit "better" than they are) and put more than 10kg on - still skinny as fuck, though.... :/
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start eating a lot of butter and drink a liter of coke eveery day.  You'll gain another 10kg in no time  :)
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Little update from yesterday post ( )
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La global menu è quella cosa dei menù a tendina in alto a sinistra anche se la finestra è a destra come il terminale dello screenshot?
Utile........ Per far dimagrire il mouse
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Gnome is nice.
For many, many things.
Yet, it's boring.
Never even felt the need to customize it ← translated to hombre's lang: it's boring.

Gnome terminal has at least a good font rendering (compared to the kf5 konsole available in arch - which, i was told, has compile flags to render fonts at their best... Really?).

Whatever. Getting drunk and bald and life sucks. 

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No, you shouldn't +Lorenzo Chianura, it's pretty much obvious - at the point that even politically correct sounds unfair - that dolphin does its thing better than 99.9% of the FM out there ;)
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Sigh, finally decided to upgrade to windows 10 on my desktop pc too.
It's going to be a long night.
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Di sicuro deve essere a minchiadura per superare indenne il processo..

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Animations and shit
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+Tete Plaza Not yet, but i uploaded a snapshot on deviantart yestarday (already out of date: today i've made further chances):
If you mean the Qt style and KWin decoration, that's DSP, and my config is within the archive linked above - within Themes/Manhattan/extra there's a dsp folder with all my config files  ;-)
The menubar is exported in the panel via dbus. There's a protocol implemented in - called XBar - which can communicate with the Qt style. Just a few Qt styles support the XBar dbus protocol: bespin (qt4 only), virtuality (Qt4 and Qt5), DSP (again Qt4 and Qt5) and QtCurve(yes, Qt4 and Qt5 - but here is optional and has to be enabled withing the settings of this style). Breeze, oxygen, and kvantum do not have XBar support instead.
Actually GTK2 menubar exportation is supported aswell. Unfortunately it's not easy to get it working.
More infos here:
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Spent the whole day upgrading to win10 from 8.1.
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Lazy k
Io vorrei un hot corner che mi mostrasse le finestre attive o la griglia dei desktop come Kwin 
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