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¡Hola a todos! ¡Mi código de amigo en Cars: Rápidos Como El Rayo es e2784b3! ¡Añadidme para que podamos jugar juntos!

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Ayudemos, ante los recientes ataques a nuestro Arzobispo, se ha creado una petición de rectificación, la cual podrán firmar entrando a este link
Les pido que por favor la pasen a todos sus contactos indicando este motivo. Y si tienen la oportunidad pasenla via correo
Cada firma es un correo al señor Alexis Mera. De esa forma podremos intentar obtener la rectificación
Por favor difundamos y exijamos las debidas disculpas,  si nosotros no defendemos nuestra iglesia,  entonces quien?

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Esperando a ver si el gobierno dijo la verdad

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Ya ni su gente lo quiere escuchar queeeee pena.....

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Only a rumor at that point, but let's think about that.
2 years of OS updates, and 3 years of security fix.

Vulnerable to exploits after 3 years, on a device purchased 669€ - Nexus 6 64GB?

Meanwhile, Ubuntu LTS OS updates guarantee security fixes for 5 years.
And that's not just for the OS core : it's for every single program package in the distribution.
Oh and Ubuntu is free of charge as well.

Can't Google do better than that, for the price paid: back porting vulnerability fixes via small OTAs should be possible with the adequate organization.

You might ask: Nexus are for Geeks, who would use a Nexus for that long, running Google firmware?
Answer: my mom.
She bought a Galaxy Nexus following my recommendation a while ago, still uses it and likes it very much.
And it's stuck on 4.3 since a while.
I made her switch to Chrome to avoid vulnerabilities in the default browser; she couldn't have guessed by herself.

To me, 3 years before the end of security fixes is the definition of planned obsolescence and blatant lack of effort from a company as resourceful as Google.
And it's not just a rumor, but what they're already doing. 

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