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Daily photo of Portland, Maine by Corey Templeton
Daily photo of Portland, Maine by Corey Templeton

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Steaming past Becky's Diner on Commercial Street, a local landmark on Commercial Street since 1991.

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Flashback: New York, May 2016
Three Throwback Thursday photos from a visit to the fine city of New York City last May. Sometimes processing photos in black and white brings out different things that I didn't notice originally.

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Seasons of Portland: Park Street Doors
A summer/winter mashup from a scenic stretch of Park Street. The winter photo is from January 2015 and the summer photo is from today.

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Cliffs of Moher, May 2017
Looking back to a recent vacation in Ireland, here are some photos from the epic Cliffs of Moher. The cliffs reach as high as 702 feet above the Atlantic Ocean and if you look closely you can see people and cows in some of these shots.

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In Bloom, May 2017
So much in bloom, so little time! A trio of springtime photos around town.

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Spring on State Street
It still surprises me how quickly the seasons can change. Seems like just yesterday these trees were bare.

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Flashback: Commercial Street Trolley
A Thursday Throwback to May 2014 and a "Looking into the Past" entry from Commercial Street. The historical photo is via the Portland Maine History 1786 to Present Facebook group. Wouldn't it be something to see streetcars return here? It's happening in a l...

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Tulip Time, Longfellow Square
Tiptoeing through the tulips at Longfellow Square this evening. I included a bicycle in the frame as well in honor of this being the official Bike to Work Week.

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Dublin, Ireland - May 2017
Fun Fact: I had a great time in Ireland last week! If you follow me on Instagram ( @coreytempleton ) you might have seen some of these already. Here are a few from the city of Dublin, the capital city and all around cool place.

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The Look of Spring
Another view from Pleasant Street, looking westward this time. The afternoon light hitting the fresh leaves has an appealing look.
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