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Heidi Olinger (PrettyBrainy)
I Write, Speak + Design STEAM Learning to Inspire Girls to Pursue Their Greatest Aspirations.
I Write, Speak + Design STEAM Learning to Inspire Girls to Pursue Their Greatest Aspirations.

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What does Authentic Assessment of students' thinking look like? In this brief video, students from Textiles + TechStyles™, a #STEAM workshop from Pretty Brainy, teach their parents to build circuits with eTextiles. 

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Inside a Pretty Brainy #STEAM workshop. Maria, 7th grade, teaches assistant principal Bill Saint how to sew a circuit with eTextiles. The activity was about giving adults first-hand experience in what the students had learned. Also about using #authentic assessment, letting students show what they know by leading the teaching.

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images the human soul needs more of.
Moonset at Seltjörn
Kjartan: "I stopped by at the pond Seltjörn last night and really enjoyed the moonset. Beautiful weather and the still water creates awesome reflection."

Credit: Kjartan Guðmundur Júlíusson
Location: Keflavik, Iceland
Date: September 24, 2015

+Kjartan Guðmundur Júlíusson 

#Space #Astronomy #Science #Aurora #Borealis #Moonset
#NorthernLights #Stars #Astrophotography #Photography #Art #Earth #Keflavik #Iceland #Ísland 

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Helping students deconstruct the myth of perfection is one of the reasons I love to engage them in prototyping.

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Springtime in Colorado, April 2013. And April 2, 2015, looked much the same.
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Heidi Olinger (PrettyBrainy) commented on a video on YouTube.
Kathy Sampson and Sue Martino are a gift to their students and a model for helping students learn what is valuable and beautiful about math. Kudos, Preston and Smart Technologies.

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Hey guys. I am taking drawing requests. I can only draw chibis. :3

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The opening of the Math Camp for Young Women, Las Chicas de Mathematicas, at the University of Northern Colorado. The activity? The STEM OF FASHION DESIGN from Pretty Brainy.

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#ChangeThePattern Kate Lindeen and Terri Fry Kasuba are collaborating to support Pretty Brainy in Changing The Pattern of too few females entering STEAM studies and careers. is the first news organization to report the story.
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