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Master iPhone Unlocker. Maverick.


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What is an IMEI number, and how can I unlock my phone with it ?

The IMEI number is a unique serial number for your mobile device (phone, tablet, PDA,and everything in between), and stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity - most mobile phones (cell phone like they like to call it in the US) have one, and it uniquely identifies your mobile phone , much like a social security number is assigned to every taxpayer in the US. Exceptions are cheap throw way prepaid phones, which may not have an IMEI, and phones that don't use GSM network- those phones use MEID instead, like on Verizon.

Back in the old days, mobile devices were given electronic serial numbers- this changed to IMEI and MEID (Mobile Equipment ID. IMEI Numbers are important because they help a wireless/mobile carrier keep track of the status and information of a mobile device- what network it's locked to, basebands, model etc.

IMEI is also used by wireless carriers to render a mobile device inactive if it is reported lost or stolen, to lock mobile phones to networks, and check if phones are still in contract status. This works because a carrier labels the IMEI of your phone as whitelisted or blacklisted. If it's Lost/Stolen, it's blacklisted and will not operate in the same country, even with other networks and the SIM card removed. It may still operate internationally.

You'll notice that every mobile unlocking website asks for the IMEI of your phone.Phone unlocks require the IMEI number, and here are ways to find the IMEI/MEID number of your mobile phone, to make unlocking your phone quick and easy, whether an iPhone, Blackberry, or other smartphone.

1. The most common way to get your IMEI is to enter the following characters on your virtual or physical keyboard :


The IMEI number should pop up on the screen for the majority of mobile phones, including iPhones and Blackberries.

2. The IMEI can be found by removing the the battery cover of most phones, under the battery, or on the battery. Look for a sticker. The IMEI is printed on it.

3. Go to Settings>General>About on your iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad, to get the IMEI number. It's listed right there, plain to see. You can also connect your Apple device to a laptop via iTunes, and see the MEID number.

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How to Jailbreak or Factory Unlock an AT&T iPhone 5s/5c

You have a locked AT&T iPhone, and need it unlocked – here’s how to do it.

This article will show you how to successfully jailbreak and factory unlock your AT&T iPhone 5s/5c step by step, explain what factory unlocking and jailbreaking means and the benefits of unlocking your AT&T iPhone 5s/5c, and recommend the best way to unlock your AT&T iPhone.

1. Why is my AT&T iPhone locked?

Wireless providers and carriers often lock handsets (mostly smartphones) to their networks, for several reasons, and AT&T is no exception. AT&T locks iPhones to their network, preventing non-AT&T SIM cards from being used on locked AT&T iPhones.

The main reason wireless providers lock phones to their network is monetary- the carriers (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint etc) subsidize the cost of a smartphone for the consumer, and carrier-lock their phones to prevent customers from switching to a competitor and taking the phone with them. AT&T makes the bulk of its money on exorbitant monthly plans and locked contracts.

Carriers also want you to pay rip-off roaming charges if you travel overseas, rather than just popping in an international GSM SIM card and using a local carrier’s network.

2. What is “factory unlocking”? What does an AT&T iPhone unlock mean ?

Factory unlocking an AT&T iPhone is a permanent way of unlocking your AT&T iPhone 5s/5c. It is an IMEI unlock, and is done through Apple servers and the carrier – when an unlock is complete, all you need to do is connect your iPhone to a PC/Mac with iTunes installed, and restore. An unlock message will then appear on iTunes.

AT&T iPhone unlocks can be done either directly by AT&T, or by legitimate cell phone unlockers. AT&T will not unlock phones that are still under contract and not been paid off, or have a balance, or reported stolen.

Unlockers can unlock an AT&T iPhone whether off-contract, still under contract, or even stolen or blacklisted. 

3. How do I unlock my AT&T iPhone 5s/5c ?

There are two possible ways. You can try contacting AT&T directly through customer support or online to unlock your phone. However, this is difficult and AT&T will only unlock the phone under certain conditions (phone is off-contract, paid for full-price.)

The majority of locked AT&T iPhones do not qualify under this criteria and will not be approved. The most common way of unlocking an AT&T iPhone is through a legitimate third party cell phone unlocker, like Toasty Unlocks (

Beware of numerous illegitimate fraudulent websites claiming to be able to unlock AT&T iPhones. Always do research, and use common sense. Does the site look professional? Amateurish?

Toasty Unlocks provides an AT&T iPhone 5s Factory Unlock service, as well AT&T iPhone 3G/4/4s/5 Factory Unlocks. All that’s needed is the IMEI number of the phone, found by pressing *#06# on the keypad.

IMEI numbers are then processed, and unlock codes retrieved. 

4.What are the benefits of unlocking my AT&T iPhone ?

• Official Apple iTunes unlock. Warranty remains valid.
• Factory unlock for ANY baseband/firmware, permanently.
• Permanent. Stays unlocked forever. Upgrade to the latest version of iOS with no hassle.
• Easy and Simple instructions. Just connect to iTunes and your phone is unlocked.
• Use your phone with any GSM network in the world- no more exorbitant roaming charges, just pop in a SIM card of a local operator and it works.
• Unlock iPhone 5s/5s on most world carriers/networks.

5.What is jalbreaking, and what is a jailbroken iPhone ?

Jailbreaking is a software hack that lifts restrictions Apple places on it’s iOS software on iPhones, iPod Touch, and iPads. Sometimes there is a way for the device to be unlocked when it is jailbroken, but this requires staying on the same software version and baseband/firmware, which is difficult and time consuming for the average consumer.

Jailbroken iPhones allow the device to be used and non-Apple endorsed third part apps to be downloaded, custom skins and themes downloaded, and more customization and control over the iOS, which Apple doesn’t allow on it’s own controlled ecosystem.

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AT&T SSN+ZIP CODE BYPASS Service Available, for AT&T-locked iPhones that can't be activated because of lost SIM or nor having the SSN and ZIP Code of original owner

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Factory Unlock/Jailbreak iPhone 5S/5C for only $72. 3-8 days processing, 70-85% unlock rate.

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