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James Lovelock writes about the way Science is done now ... calls "peer review" a "self-imposed inquisition"

"Science, unlike other intellectual activities, is almost never done at home.  Modern science has become as professional as the advertising industry. And, like that industry, it relies on an expensive and exquisitely refined technique. There is no place for the amateur in modern science, yet, as is often the way with professions, science more often applies its expertise to the trivial than to the numinous. Where science differs from the media is in its lack of a partnership with independent individuals. ...

"You may think of the academic scientist as the analogue of the independent artist.  In fact, nearly all scientists are employed by some large organization, such as a governmental department, a university, or a multinational company. Only rarely are they free to express their science as a personal view. They may think that they are free, but in reality they are, nearly all of them, employees; they have traded freedom of thought for good working conditions, a steady income, tenure, and a pension.   They are also constrained by an army of bureaucratic forces, from funding agencies to the health and safety organizations.  Scientists are also constrained by the tribal rules of the discipline to which they belong. A physicist would find it hard to do chemistry and a biologist would find physics well-nigh impossible to do. To cap it all, in recent years the 'purity' of science is ever more closely guarded by a self-imposed inquisition called the peer review. This well-meaning but narrow-minded nanny of an institution ensures that scientists work according to conventional wisdom and not as curiosity or inspiration moves them.  Lacking freedom they are in danger of succumbing to a finicky gentility or of becoming, like medieval theologians, the creatures of dogma."

- from The Ages of Gaia (OUP, 2000), Preface pp. xvii - xviii.
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well, yes, right now, but hopefully we will break free of science as a subset of ideas from 'xyz company' and 'money' will be inhospitable, if I can just say that...
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Diese Woche wurde am 20. Mai mit einem kleinen Festakt die Montagephase des weltgrößten Stellarators Wendelstein 7-X (kurz: W7-X) symbolisch abgeschlossen. W7-X befindet sich jetzt offiziell in der Vorbereitungsphase für den Betrieb und der Countdown für die erste Plasmaentladung nächstes Jahr hat gewissermaßen begonnen. Höchste Zeit, einmal zurückzublicken und einen Blick nach vorne zu wagen. ...
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