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Rather than posting on wall ull can post the Complain & Suggestions over here
and we will try to reach & solve each and every problem

Here is the link for Complain Box

The link given for the faster alternate sever is not working as there is a wrong input of url in Database

Here is the link for Alternate Server

Introducing the new Chat Box on Facebook for all Frendz4m users
Its same as the shout box as we have on FF but with some new features n stylish look, It does not need to even reload the page....

Here is the link for FF chat box on FB

The Airtel section is been hidden as there is a problem in Database we are working on it and it will fixed soon..

Use Frendz4m on Facebook while surfing on Facebook
u can access all the features of frendz4m on Facebook(Login, Download, pm, ShoutBox, Thread etc)

And 1 more Update
Search whole forum for the stuff u r looking for in less than 1 min
Any thread, App, Movie, Software
any thing on the forum

Here is the link

We r soon going to introduce a new subsection in Application section that is
Blackberry/ iPhone/ Windows Mobile
and soon going to flood this subsection with all BB/ iPhone/ WM apps


Login Error Fixed

Welcome to the official Group of frendz4m on Google +
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