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Vertumnus Gaius
Hilf Dir selbst, dann hilfst Du Gott.
Hilf Dir selbst, dann hilfst Du Gott.
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Time is drifting away
To form another day
With our without me
My faith to be
Tomorrow I will not see

'Be it the deepest of dreams
Or the darkest of deaths
Nor can either of these
Truly guarantee my release'

Staring at these four walls
Remembering what I have achieved
Enter the tomb of the deceived
All that where is lost

Whores of mankind
Take my fuckin' life
Alone I'll be
One with the dreams in red

Flatlined and cold I lay
Victim of their play
In the shadows of the obscure
My soul forever never more

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Be inclinable. 
Are you ready for Sunday night's #SuperBloodMoon, a supermoon in combination with a lunar eclipse?

Get your camera and find a great spot to snap a pic of the event, then share it with NASA on Sunday night in our #SuperBloodMoon photo contest.

Find out more:

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Great choice of songs!

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YES! Almost ten years...

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End of a decade by Resurrected

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