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Web Intents connecting the web better
Web Intents connecting the web better

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Status of Web Intents in Chrome

We shipped experimental support for web intents in Chrome in order to
gather data and feedback about the API and help inform its
development. Now that we've gathered enough data, we've disabled the
experimental support for web intents as of version 24. After carefully
reviewing the feature, we have identified a number of areas for
development in both the API and specific user experience in Chrome.
We'll use the results of this experiment to help us make sure we're
approaching the important problem of inter-webapp communication in the
best possible way. As we review the results, we'll endeavor to share
our findings more widely. We're still interested in this problem space
and will continue to explore it.

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Nice.  Do Share supports the share intent.  Nice work, and awesome summary of Web Intents.
Do Share 4.8 - With Web Intents support

+Web Intents are the future of the web.

Currently the internet works like an iPhone - a web site that wants to allow a user to share a page must install service-specific buttons for sharing.

They install a Facebook button, they install a Twitter button, they install a LinkedIn button, they install a +1 button, until eventually there is no more space on the web site for any content, and all you see are buttons.
This happens way more often than you think.

With +Web Intents, the web works like an Android. The web page only needs to install one button, which says "Share". When that button is clicked, the browser checks what services can handle a "Share" intent, and sends the page to that service.

Web site creators win, because they have space for content again instead of buttons, and users win  because they can share to their favorite service even if the web page creator never heard of that service.

As of version 2.8, Do Share is set to handle Web Intent shares, and Google Chrome will suggest you to install Do Share when you encounter such a sharing button. Do Share users will find a familiar "Send to Do Share" button if they already have Do Share installed.

Web Intents are currently supported by Google Chrome only. I set up a quick and dirty page where you can test it for yourself at, hit the big share button and let me know if it works for you!

Install at

(cc +Paul Kinlan)
(Shared using #DoShare)

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The 3rd edition of Web Intents Wednesdays. This week will be talking about some of the new apps that support intents and also go over the news and changes to the specification in the last couple of weeks.

Please leave your questions on our moderator page:

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Extras are gone.

In an earlier draft of +Web Intents we had data and extras - extras being metadata about the intent.  So for example you might have "fileName" as a property in the extras meta data.

We are now asking that this data appears in the data payload of the intent invocation, this makes it a lot easier to manage and pass just plain objects through the API.

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Another great addition to the world of +Web Intents - Msgboy.

Msgboy integrates with the "view" and "subscribe" intents to let your feed or blog page directly integrate and be visible inside this app.

The view intent works and is triggered from any download of an RSS or ATOM feeds, whilst the subscribe intent works directly from any webpage that can invoke the "subscribe" intent

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+Alan Stroop quickly integrated the "view" intent into his XML Tree app for RSS and ATOM feeds.  Tools like this can be a lot more powerful than the baked in Browser integration and that is the intention of intents :)

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XV - XML Viewer recently implemented the "view" intent for RSS and ATOM feeds.  When Chrome expands the list of supported types, apps like this will be able to quickly add support for that type thus giving users a lot more choice for working with XML inside the browser.

Nice work!

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Some great new additions to the world of Web Intents, XML Tree and XV - XML Viewer have just added support viewing RSS and ATOM feeds.  Great for developers who want a little more power.

XML Tree :
XV - XML Viewer :

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The 2nd of our fortnightly "Web Intents Wednesday" where we do a round up of the happenings over the last few weeks, answer questions and just generally be cool (but without saying it.  That would be uncool).

Host: +Paul Kinlan and special guest +Glenn Jones 

The angle and colour look a bit off.... we are working on it ;)
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