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WordPress Optimize By xTraffic
WordPress Optimize By xTraffic
WordPress Optimize By xTraffic
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Upgrade version 4.1.9

+ Add feature "Images Lazy Load" make your site load faster
+ Fix "Optimize Cache" compatible with WooCommerce

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Upgrade version 4.1.6

+ Improve feature "Optimize Cache", compatible with Apache and Nginx
+ Add feature "CDN (Content Delivery Network)" to "Optimize Speed"
+ Fix some bugs "Optimize Speed" due to the announcement of Boris Osadciw

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Upgrade version 4.1.0

Added feature "Optimize Cache" help WordPress website load faster from 80% or more.

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#FAQ   : WordPress Optimize By xTraffic

#Question   : I like your plugin, but I do have an issue with it. When enabled the first screen displayed will be a texted version of my home page, then after 1-2 sec it will display the proper screen. Is there anything I can do to correct this issue as it is very annoying. I've tried changing several settings but keep getting the same results. When I disable the plugin my site works just fine.

#Answer   : Your problem is due to plugin load css files asynchronously (recommended by Google) makes your website load faster. You can check the website load speed before and after activate plugin by (you must clear cache if use w3 total cache or super cache). If you do not like it, you can disable "Asynchronous Loading CSS" (as in the picture) to fix your problem

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WordPress Optimize By xTraffic

Plugin “WP Optimize By xTraffic” optimizes your WordPress websites for friendly search engine (SEO) and help to increase website’s ranking.

Plugin “WP Optimize By xTraffic” automatically optimizes SEO’s benefits for your site by building internal links with keywords and focused links. In case you don’t set focus links, this plugin will automatically link to a post/page having the highest related content through optimizated algorithm. This is a perfect solution to set internal links of all the posts so as to keep the user to access your website longer, and to improve SEO effect for your website. Or you can use this Plugin to add sponsored links to other sites.

This plugin also optimizes post’s images for friendly SEO.

Everything is done completely automatically, and you can change the options from the administration settings panel.

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