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Aggressive Inclusivity

So I'm developing an all-new edition/version/core rules set, Cortex Prime, and while the spine and muscles of it are pretty much a solo effort I'm looking ahead to a Kickstarter that should include works by other people. Other designers.

This is that weird thing where I'm like, I would really like to hire people who do not look like me to write, design, and create settings and rules plug-ins for the game, and pay them well for it, but they also need to know the game.

So if you are or you know women, PoC, LGBTQ/NB folk, designers and writers who have loved or still love Marvel Heroic, Leverage, Smallville, or Firefly, and you think they or you can handle my laid-back Kiwi management style and produce rock-solid shit-hot awesome work for me on a not-terrible schedule, let me know.

Drop me an email at seth AT magic-vacuum DOT com with your enthusiastic vision. I want to help you help me make it happen.

(Permission granted to share this around. Originally shared it to my Circles. Sorry about that.)
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Found out this morning that the Firefly RPG corebook was nominated for two 2015 ENnie Awards: Product of the Year and Game of the Year. Echoes of War: Thrillin' Heroics also won a Judge's Spotlight Award as well. First and foremost, congratulations to my team for putting in a lot of work into the 'Verse, and kudos to everyone who was nominated. Cheers all around, and I'll see you in Indy! 
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The Fate Codex Subscription Drive!

Over the last 18 months, I've been lucky enough to serve as the Editor in Chief for The Fate Codex. We've put out our tenth issue this month (June), and we're gearing up to print our first anthology, the collected issues from Volume 1 (2014). Wow.

Since we're already gearing up to talk about the print volume, we thought it would be a great time to do an actual, real-life, totally stolen from +Epidiah Ravachol subscription drive. Here's how it works in three easy steps!

1) Sign up for The Fate Codex at by July 1st, 2015

2) We'll send you three coupons (THREE!) you can use immediately:

- 15% off the print+pdf version of the Anthology
- 25% off the pdf only version of the Anthology 
- 25% off Issues 1, 2, and 3 of Volume 2

3) Huh. I guess there really isn't a step 3. Just those two! That's all it takes!

Once you're signed up for the Patreon campaign, though, we'll keep sending mostly-monthly Fate Core content like essays, adventures, fiction, and new systems for your table. Basically, we charge everyone at the end of the month and post a preview, then follow up with the full issue by the 15th of the next month. And Patrons get 33% off the cover price of each issue.

"But Mark," you might say, "you already have over $1,500 in funding for each issue. Why do you need additional funds?"

Good question, you! Right now, we're working on two goals that will add more awesome Fate content to each issue:

$1,750 - Codex Machined - We'll add a fifth article to each issue of The Fate Codex, a systems piece that gives you new extras and toolkits that you can use at your table.

$2,000 - Codex Charted - We'll add maps to each issue of The Fate Codex, complete with an NPC antagonist and situation aspects attached, so that you can drop it right into one of your Fate sessions.

We'd love to keep making The Fate Codex an awesome, expanding resource. Come join us and help make what we do EVEN BETTER. :D

P.S. Seriously, we stole this idea from +Epidiah Ravachol. At this point, the Magpie business model looks something like this:

1) Steal Eppy's ideas
2) ???
3) Profit!

It's been working out pretty good so far. 
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This is going to be awesome. 
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Okay folks, I need your help.

For Play Dirty 2, each page has an adjective such as "compulsive," "helpful," "dangerous" and "honorable." If you need an NPC, just flip to three different pages and you've got the bare bones for a character.

For Play Dirty 15th Anniversary, we're doing something similar. Instead of NPC adjectives, each page has one or two words that help you put together the basis of an adventure. Examples include, "Reluctant wedding," "poisoning," "smuggled cargo" and "ultimate weapon."

I need 100+ of these. If you've got one, just put it in the comments. If you've got more than one, put those in the comments, too.
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I realize that I don't spend a lot of time on social media these days, but when did G+ get as bad as Twitter for the random/bot follows?
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For the thirteenth Last Day of Anglekite, a magpie gave to me...a Kickstarter!

The Last Days of Anglekite Kickstarter is finally here!

We're all very excited to get this book into your hands. Between +Brendan Conway's weird ideas and the art by +Juan Ochoa, we think there's plenty in this book for everyone. 

Thanks to everyone who helped make this possible, including +Nathan Paoletta, +John Adamus, and +Krista White, who is the reason any of this exists.

#Anglekite   #12LastDays  
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The Night Witches Kickstarter is live. I am super proud of the work that has gone into this game. 

Propeller, do sing louder
Lifting the spread out wings.
To fight the very last battle
And to bring lasting peace
Is the aim of Two Squadron!
Night Witches
Night Witches
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Only 36 hours left. 
With one week to go, we're over halfway funded!  Check out "The Treachery of Kitties," and help spread the word to push us over the goal!

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This is way better than the original, in my humble opinion.
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