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Nico Troia
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Web designer & developer

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guys wanna know the best way to learn any new technology?
Having to ship the product to the app store in 3 weeks

When things are getting informal and you start to write, "hey world"

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Found this anti-metric system website today...

It looks and sounds stupid and the entire site content can be viewed on one page. It's basically just a text dump, but I mean, at 50kb this site is loaded. This thing is fast. Technically, it's a great site.

Boycotting icons

I can't google anything relating to "..." or how to find the name of it. Google totally ignores those characters

And yes, it's an ellipsis

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Late night googles

I'm into overly obsessive commenting

// ends function execution and specifies a value to be returned to the function caller

// mark the end of a code block, representing the scope for method "leftPad"

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Updating java in 2016 
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