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A Wheeler
a successful dork, a redeemed wretch, & an unaccomplished domestic genius
a successful dork, a redeemed wretch, & an unaccomplished domestic genius

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Feeding Pump - A Tool for Sanctification and Evangelism
  L ately, I have had moments. The moments come and go fairly quick but they have surfaced too often. I would like to say that they are loving or kind or God-honoring moments. I would really like to say that but I cannot.   Shamelessly, I would love to blam...

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And There was No Return
  D riving along the interstate, we reached the area where the traffic compresses into a tight ball weaving through concrete barriers and cones. A large digital sign read, "Exit 20 No Return." Seems ominous and, trust me, it is if you take this exit after b...

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Wave are Hard but so is Gently Rolling Water
  I t seemed that everything was turning a corner. Life was smoother. Attitudes were softer. Personalities were loving and kind, even considerate. Hugs came on a regular basis and sweet compliments flowed like honey. Who could ask for more right?   If you h...

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Satisfaction Anemia
  W hy do Christians find themselves deficient in satisfaction?   It happens quite often in my life sadly. Christians should really not have a satisfaction that is lethargic and waning. Our satisfaction is not tied to this world or the things in it, includi...

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We Interrupt this Program with Reality
  Man, oh man, I am exhausted. Apparently, we were in the queue for the emotional roller coaster and now the ride is slowly pulling into the station.   Awaiting test results from Jellybean's genetic testing is very anticipatory but I am trying to keep in th...

Waiting for Jellybean's test results...waiting, waiting, waiting

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The Basics of Need
   N ot many things in life are truly needs. Air, food, water, rest, and shelter keep us living here on earth and Jesus gives us eternal life. Anything else is outside the realm of need no matter how strongly we feel, right?  Of course, each need can be bro...

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Without Ruth...Not in Minnesota
  Driving hours across Iowa, one has lots of time to ponder things, lots of things. For some reason my thoughts were fixated on the word "ruthless" and the fact that it means without ruth. This lead me to think about Naomi and what would she have done witho...

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Even Gray Areas Need Light
  Before I became a Christian I wrestled with God. The question was not whether He existed, it was why He allowed pain and suffering. I argued and screamed and cursed God through each difficulty and abuse.    When God saved me in spite of my ugliness, I wre...

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Liberty and Justice for All or Jesus
 I am heartbroken.   Right down to my bone. Soul-shaking, painfully heartbroken. So much violence all around.   Yes, we have lived in a country where it was easier to be white. Growing up, I did not always feel the privilege but I saw a lot of injustice and...
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