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ARM Systems Inc.
At ARM Training Systems we are dedicated to your goals. We offer an array of programs that are structured, individualized and complete.
At ARM Training Systems we are dedicated to your goals. We offer an array of programs that are structured, individualized and complete.


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While the traditional model of goal setting has been around for decades, it needs an update.

I spent years learning how to set out and accomplish goals in the traditional manner. I wrote down my SMART goals on a sheet of paper—making sure to have every detail laid out. I would accomplish "x" by "y" by doing "z". I would determine all the…

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The story we have about a situation is often more powerful than the situation itself.

For months I had a story about being too busy. How was I supposed to find the time to go to the gym when I had so much going on? Clearly anyone else in my situation would agree that I simply had too much on my plate to have the time for anything else. I…

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In today's article we cover the concept of Counter-Balancing. Taken from the book The One Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth About Extraordinary, counter balancing is about prioritizing. It's about focusing on the most important thing right now and letting everything else be out of balance.

Having a "balanced" life is not only impossible but it is counter-productive to our long term success. If I was truly seeking balance it would mean trying to do all things at all times (and remaining mediocre at all of them). It would lead to frustration…

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Making the most of our time is challenging these days—here are 10 ways to boost your progress.

Intelligent people want to be living a life that is moving forward, growing towards something greater than that which already is. It could be a part of human nature, part of how we were raised or part of our specific genetic code, but intelligent people…

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While joining a local gym is great, it often leaves you lost, overwhelmed, and set up to fail.

Even at 17 I knew that having a gym membership wasn't enough. It was like having big box of equipment with no instructions (and if you have ever bought anything from IKEA without instructions you can appreciate the frustration that comes with that). It's…

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While having effective systems is important; it is even more important to know where to start.

As time has progressed the research has repeatedly shown that behavior change is the only sustainable form of weight loss. Almost any dietary approach will work but the problem is—for how long? Most often what slips us up is not the diet itself but our…

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“I have been with ARM Systems for a little over a year now and the results are astounding. I am down to my goal weight, I feel stronger and continue to get stronger every week. ARM Systems comprises trainers who are knowledgeable and are able to aptly respond to my questions on health and fitness. I unhesitatingly recommend them to anyone looking to lead a healthy lifestyle.”

—Antheia Cadette-Blasse

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We're the only company in the area specializing in the health, fitness, and performance of freelancers, entrepreneurs, and small-business owners.

Call us today !

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PRIVATE TRAINING- What do you get?

Three hour long sessions per week for twelve consecutive weeks. Really busy at work? Let us help you find the time for two sessions per week; we’ll pro-rate your bill (also available for those able to train four times per week).

Three private strategy sessions (one before, during, and after your experience) to make sure you’re satisfied and successful as well as partnerships with holistic practitioners to maximize your results.

Same-length membership to FITNESS ETC, with access to yoga, spin, and other complimentary classes.

Access to the entire team of trainers and apprentices. Keep yourself accountable with the whole ARM team behind you.

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