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Labor of Love 2016
Deep Ellum’s Labor of Love homebrew competition/festival was
this past weekend, and New Main Brewing was well represented.  I entered three beers, the saison with
pumpkin pie spice (entered as a normal saison, since the pumpkin pie spice
flavor is almost no...
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Beer Updates
Thanks to everyone who came out to J.R. Bentley’s in
Arlington last Friday night, it was a huge success!  The saison and porter were both big hits with
the crowd.  We actually ran out of the
saison toward the end of the night, so I’ll have to brew up anothe...
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Beer Tastings!
Planning and number crunching and brewing for New Main
continues.  Sometimes it seems like it’s
slow going, and other times things happen in a big flurry.  David has been doing a great job of blogging
throughout the process, and you can read all about that ...
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New Main Brewing is Going PRO!
It’s been a while since my last update, and quite a bit has
happened.  For those of you who aren’t my
Facebook friends (I’m not sure how else you might have gotten here, but I
digress…), there has been some big news in the last month.  We’re starting a prod...
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Martin House and Podcasts, Oh My!
This past Sunday was the 3 rd annual Martin House
Riverside Shootout brew day.  I loaded up
all my brewing equipment into the back of my dad’s SUV, and we headed down to
Ft. Worth to the brewery.  This
competition is pretty unique in that you actually brew ...
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Lots of Good News!
It’s been a last good month and a half!  First, and the best of the news, is that our
daughter, Kathryn, was born last month. 
Mom and baby are both doing great, and we’re learning how to be parents,
since this is our first!  No beers named
after her, thoug...
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Bluebonnet Results
The Bluebonnet Brew-Off awards were announced a couple of
weeks ago.  I wasn’t able to make it for
the ceremony, but they had the results a few days later.  Unfortunately, I didn’t win anything, but I
did get some good feedback on both of the beers that I e...
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More Competitions
For those who are friends with me on Facebook, you might
have seen my post about Martin
House’s Riverside Shootout coming up in April.  Basically, they invite homebrewers out to
their brewery to brew for a competition (there’s a $45 per team fee, each team
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Quick Update
After serving my two week sentence training at Fort
Sill, I’m back and the Dark Mild was ready for sampling.  David tried his a couple of weeks back and
also shared it with the guys at Atypical
DFW Podcast (definitely a NSFW podcast, you’ve been warned!).  ...
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Diacetyl, Plus Some Tips for New Homebrewers
I haven’t had much experience with diacetyl in my beers.  I’ve only brewed one lager, and that’s generally when you see diacetyl, because of the lower fermentation temperatures, and I allowed for a good diacetyl rest on the lager I did do, so I didn’t have ...
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