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You can't take that away from me
Cancer takes things away. I would imagine that doesn't come as a
surprise to you. I've probably even talked about it on these pages
before. But I've been thinking about it quite a
bit as we prepare to move out of our house of 12 years. Cancer has
taken our ...
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One too many mornings
the silent night will shatter From
the sounds inside my mind Yes,
I'm one too many mornings And
a thousand miles behind One Too Many Mornings Bob
Dylan There
are too many mornings right now where the ability to get up to face
the day is taking a hammeri...
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A double dog dare is not the answer
my eyes Tell
me what is wrong Was
I unwise to leave them open for so long Jackson
Browne I've
been looking through the Book of Mainenites lately, particularly the
Book of Jim. This is because the number of potential “Why me's”
continues to grow. I d...
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There will be tears before lunchtime
let it bring you down It's
only castles burning, Find
someone who's turning And
you will come around. Neil Young The following happened in our house one
day last week. True story. I was in our downstairs bedroom/office,
so tired I had to take a nap. I...
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Boxing Day. Who needs it?
there’s a hand, my trusty fiere! and
gie’s a hand o’ thine! And
we’ll tak’ a right gude-willie waught, for
auld lang syne Robert
Burns So. Boxing Day. If you're unsure what it's all about, don't mind too
much. There seems to be as many explanations as t...
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Sad isn't a four-letter word
wish you a hopeful Christmas I
wish you a brave New Year All
anguish pain and sadness Leave
your heart and let your road be clear... Hallelujah
Noel be it Heaven or Hell The
Christmas we get we deserve Greg
Lake Sad. As I sat waiting for Sheri to bring th...
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The joy can be in the journey
When you take any journey in which you
control the mode of transportation, you can experience things you
wouldn't if you had to ask the driver to stop the bus, risk the fine
for pulling the emergency cord on the train or just continue to look
wistfully down...
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Look who's back, just in time for Christmas
in the morning Crapped
out Yawning Longing
my life away I'll
never worry Why
should I? It's
all gonna fade Still
Crazy After All These Years Paul
Simon Hi. Remember me? I didn't die, or
anything. Fatigue has just won the last few rounds of my ongoing
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This whole quality of life thing is pretty tricky
So, I would choose to be
with you That's if the choice were
mine to make But you can make decisions
too And you can have this heart
to break And so it goes, and so it
goes And you're the only one who
knows Billy Joel We... Sheri, my daughters Jennifer, Alis...
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