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The Lewis Hamilton Band
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The Lewis Hamilton Band

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Lewis donates his first Telecaster to Patrick Gesell – his biggest fan and co-owner of Gesellies Blues Rock Café -
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The Lewis Hamilton Band

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Revies floooding in thick and fast - please visit
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The Lewis Hamilton Band's Collections
Hard driven Indie/Blues - one of the busiest bands in the UK

Genres: Blues / Rock /Americana
Label: Lewis Hamilton Music
Management: UK - Nick Hamilton Management


 Since their formation in August 2010 The Lewis Hamilton Band have been booked for over 600 shows from Shetland to Slovenia, and have appeared at most of the UK’s biggest blues festivals, including Main Stage performances at Hebden Bridge and Maryport. His debut album Gambling Machine won the Scottish New Music Award for Scottish Jazz/Blues album of the year for 2012. Candlelight & Sympathy from 2nd album Empty Roads features on the soundtrack of the feature film Scar Tissue. The title track has been chosen for the theme tune and end-credit music for the BBC1 TV show 'The Mart'. His third album Ghost Train has had numerous top reviews and acclaim from magazines and websites worldwide, and airplay in over 20 countries, and received airplay and a special mention from ‘Whispering’ Bob Harris on BBC R2


 In addition to his previous nominations in the 2012, 2013 and 2014 British Blues Awards and receiving two preliminary nominations in their song-writing category, Lewis was nominated as BEST YOUNG ARTIST yet again in 2015. His 4th studio album Shipwrecked which was released in November 2015 has had stunning reviews, has been chosen as an ‘Album of the Month’ by the Independent Blues Broadcasters Association (IBBA) and has been played by Paul Jones on BBC R2, along with receiving airplay world-wide.




Lewis Hamilton – Guitar/Vocals

Nick Hamilton – Bass

Ben O’Reilly - Drums


:: PRESS ::

“His work is soulful, evoking images in the mind of the listener that one would expect from a man twice his age ...Ghost Train is well-written, well performed, and done in such a way that it keeps guys like me, the hardcore old-school enthusiast happy while doing the same for those who want their blues a bit more on the contemporary side. Hamilton has shown the world that it is possible not only to walk the tightrope between technical perfection and raw emotional power but to do it in such a way that lovers of each school of thought come away not only satisfied but happy. Lewis Hamilton is an old soul and better than most at what he does. I listened to this piece repeatedly coming away each time with a bit more respect than the time before. My deepest desire is that Lewis and the band, while continuing to grow remain rooted in the blues. Ghost Train is the real deal…songs written drawing on wells of experience. This is a band that has what it takes to make it.”

“The ‘Jock’s Juke Joint’ collection is released by Lewis Hamilton Music so it’s maybe fitting to start a few recommendations of Scottish Blues with the release ‘Ghost Train’ by Lewis Hamilton himself. There are traces in his style of Henrik Freischlader – always looking for a fresh way of presenting the music and not afraid of taking a new direction (could this be because like Henrik he has his own label to do the experimenting on I wonder?!). Whatever the reason, ‘Ghost Train’ is an always interesting disc that builds significantly on the promise of his previous excellent release ‘Gambling Machine’ (Reviewed earlier on 3SongsBonn)”

“Ghost Train has become a highly varied and handsome CD. In the period prior to this CD Lewis lost some important people in his life and he drew much inspiration for writing new songs for the CD. He started as a young man to think more about the meaning of things and his lyrics were deeper and more melancholic music and bluesier. His guitar playing is not explosive and hard but more subtle and sensitive and is at the service of the song. His soft quiet voice fits perfectly. His voice is a bit between Sting and John Mayer ... There are beautiful funky blues songs with a blissful groove (Cheap Cigars), tasty boogie (Whiskey Boogie), solid work with nice slide (Ghost Train), rockier work (Down To The River), as well as shimmering acoustic songs like Sunrise and instrumental valve on dobro Journey Home. All in all very varied and very well played! ... A very surprising and varied CD which I value very highly. With this Lewis has delivered a professional CD that deserves much attention.”

 “'Lonesome And Blue', the title track and 'Down To The River' are some of my favourites. Very strong is also the casual "Cheap Cigars", which transported the lifestyle (for me) south of the Mason Dixon Line beautifully ...The relaxed "Trust In Me" on the other visits the 'funky' fleshpots of jazz rock.With "By The Oak Tree" Lewis then swings to Chicago. It's a long time since I've heard such a sultry blues ballad ... You can't "Ghost Train" of not having variety! ... Lewis Hamilton seems to be a flawless offspring of the North American roots of the blues.”

- Steve Brown, Rocktimes.DE (Sep 09, 2013)

“Lewis Hamilton has a tuneful and authentic Blues voice which belies his years, but it is as a virtuoso guitarist that he excels. The album’s strength is in its variety; the Savoy Brown like boogie of the title track, the slow blues of ‘Living In A Bad Dream’ and the funky beat of another instrumental ‘Phtitude’. The tour de force is ‘Crying Shame’, six and a half minutes of classic blues guitar playing. While this album is more derivation than innovation, it provides a rock solid example of British Blues at its best."

- Noggin, Blues Matters Magazine (Sep 16, 2011)

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