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Katherine Dunn
Artist, writer, mother to sheep and misfits
Artist, writer, mother to sheep and misfits

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Spring is in the air-new art cards
Today when I went outside I could smell the ocean. This was a revelation to me. I mean, I know we live by the ocean now, but in spring I never imagined the wonderful feeling of that first whiff of salt air. It was glorious. While the crocuses and tulips are...

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I like making the Itties–the raggedy, one-of-a-kind tiny dolls that come with the new book if you so desire. The book is only 4 x 6" high, so you see the dolls are...well...itty. Here is one I just completed for a customer who already has one Itty and needs...

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Her Royal Highness
A post shared by Katherine Dunn / Apifera Farm (@katherinedunnapiferafarm) on Feb 20, 2017 at 10:06am PST Let me translate: "Hrumpf! Mmmmmmmm! The morning came too soon for me! How can I sleep amidst the sheep chewing cud? Hrumpf Grrr Rump! I need my beauty...

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The snow of yesteryears
We had another 6 inches of beautiful snow a night ago. I awoke to the entire Wood covered in beautiful white clothing, every wood pile, every poop pile covered delicately in fluffy snow. It was a night snow, katakana in Eskimo. Night snows are especially jo...

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Under deep it's percolating
Even in winter, deep under the ground the seeds are percolating waiting to be birthed in spring. {This is available as a print } Hopper House-out back behind the barns where the wild rabbits winter. I pictured them the other night in the storm, hunkered dow...

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Up to our hipbones
The animals take it all in stride. This morning I awoke to the Little Apiferians singing their bird songs in the living room, and I could see the sun reflecting all over, bouncing off the frosty windows created by Monday's nor'easter. It was a relief to see...

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Apifera hunkered down in the nor'easter... a place of deepness
It's winter. It's really winter. The storm they predicted to be "epic" did not disappoint. I guess I was glad it was all it was cracked up to be. It gives us a chance to see the improvements we need to make for next year. And it also is a cold, hard reality...

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We survived!
The nor'easter came and went and left us with a beautiful 10-12". Last night the winds picked up and rattled the windows and made snow patterns on the outside. It was like being in some kind of fairy book. I have always felt our house looks like a place a f...

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We are all snuggled down and battened in for our first real nor'easter. Martyn is like a kid in a candy store, checking snow depths and watching wind patterns. It's really sweet to watch him. We have our fire, the animals are hunkered in and we'll see how m...

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Bensohappy snow
We had a nice snow on Tuesday, about four inches, and I would say it was a "slap" snow, which means "powder snow" in the Eskimo language-as you might know I am trying to learn the 100 Eskimo words for the many varieties of snow. Then last night we must have...
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