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Patrick Boake
Techie Geek, NLP Trainer & Practitioner, Freelance Journalist
Techie Geek, NLP Trainer & Practitioner, Freelance Journalist

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Made me smile
I just wanted some water 😬

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I love the way this person's mind works.

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Has +Google+​ really gone that far down hill?

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Will this finally pierce Canadian apathy?

Will the politicians who allowed this be held responsible?

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Um, no.




a fixed luminous point in the night sky that is a large, remote incandescent body like the sun.

The Sun is a star. Earth is a planet. You are ignorant.

At the end of the day, the stars in the sky are only planets. P.24

Vocaloid || IA

|| +Alice White || #GACWeekendStars  ||

Does anyone understand why +Google+​​ doesn't have +Google Translate​​ built-in?

This could be the +United Nations​​ of social media.

OK. How do we get rid of 'What you missed' in +Google+?

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We use the term 'my body' and think of it as our own but, is it really? Are we just hotels for microbes?

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Renewable power starting to have tangible impact.

Portugal ran entirely on wind for three days earlier this year.

Solar Energy Record for California

Thanks to a recent heat wave, California shattered their state's solar record. On July 12 at 1:06 p.m., several large solar plants dotted throughout the state produced 8,030 megawatts of electricity, according to the California Independent System Operator, the organization that runs most of the state’s power grid.

This new record was set solely by large solar plants; it doesn’t take into consideration the 537,637 smaller solar panel arrays installed on private homes and business’ rooftops.

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Are you ready to go solar?
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#solar #solarenergy #solarpanels #energyefficiency 

#Physics question(?) (Not necessarily a good one. Just me thinking out loud.)

We know that we can use a light-sail to catch solar energy to push a craft through space.

In electricity, waving a magnet near a conductor creates electrical flow in the conductor. In other words, electricity can be induced from magnetism.The greater the relative motion (and or magnetivity and/or conductivity) the greater the electrical flow.

Yes, I am aware of the difference between current and voltage you compulsive detail troll but really not the point

What if we hitch a spacecraft to an object that is already moving then unfurl the same light sail?

Do we get more energy than the same light sail on a stationary object.

Writing this out, which is a good way for me to think things through, I'm thinking not but not sure I understand why.

If we are moving upstream, into the flow of solar energy (i.e. towards the star emitting the energy) it seems to me we should catch photons faster than moving away.

Since the photons are moving at the speed of light the speed of the moving object is near-zero relatively.

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