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On a related topic to my last post about the Destinies that players had chosen, I thought I'd share some of the Great Works they've picked to achieve in my campaign.

The shining examples so far have been:- - Sack the palace of the Atlantean Governor of Mamura whilst winning the heart of his beautiful daughter.

- Slay the Hag-Queen Vorgel and destroy her foul stronghold.

- Enter the fortress of Dun Calliach and claim it as my own.

- Cut a branch from a living Thundering Tree and craft myself a bow of legendary power from it.

The two that have produced the most jaw-dropping incredulity from those of us who know the background though have been:- - Go to the Island of Ogygia and seduce the Sorceress Calypso. (He'd got the 'Entranced by a Siren' Lifepath result and decided that making said siren his woman would be a good Great Work.)

And another player then decided he wasn't going to be left out of the high-renown Romance game by deciding to go one better (without realising why since he's not read Goegraphica)...

- Enter the realm of the Sidhe in the Forest of Arden, and woo the Green Lady into becoming my bride.

He's currently seeking the Glass Garden so that he can make a wreath of flowers for her as a courting gift.

So- having gone through character creation in for two different groups (one of which I actually got to go on and play a campaign with), I found myself pondering Destinies.

What particularly memorable, original and/or ambitious Destinies have players come up with in your campaigns?

So far, the big ones with my players have been:-

-The obligatory "Become the King of Atlantis and restore it to it's First Age glory".

-To slay the Erlking and free the Black Forest from the dark powers inhabiting it.

-To become the immortal Pirate King of Avalon.

- To unite all the Andaman tribes under his banner and start a second Beast War, where the Andamen this time fight to rule themselves- and the world.

-To free all Djinn from the necessity of sleeping in their Jars and restore them to the state they knew in the Primordial Time.

-Having rolled the result of seeing two gods coupling in a volcano on the lifepaths, one player declared his character was in love with Oya and filled with jealousy for Shango. His Destiny was to steal Shango's divinity and destroy him, thus becoming one of the Orixa so he could win Oya over as his wife.

- Even more ambitious, though, was the Destiny of "Absorb all the power of the Obsidian Shards in the Temple of Mirrors into myself". Yes, this player plans to try and become the new Oludumare. And generally acts like someone who needs to read the Evil Overlord List- but then, he's playing an Atlantean Sorcerer so should probably be rewarded for character accuracy.

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I haven't heard anything about this in the various Tekumel groups (I got an email notification because I'd bought other Tekumel PDFs), so I thought I'd mention it in case anyone here hasn't found out about this yet.

Notes from the Thursday Night Group from the Tekumel Foundation has just been put up for sale as PDF or Print on Demand.

It's a set of scenes from the Thursday Night Group's games that have been written up, and a very entertaining read. It also has a few interesting hints and details that I've not run into before and really, really hope will be expanded on at some point by Tekumel Foundation products.

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The next installment on my blog is up. We now leave the one-shots and improvised sessions to start on ongoing plots again, which people will hopefully find an improvement.

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Session 17
last few sessions were all single-session makeshift adventures, a
consequence of having a couple of months with a very spotty gaming
schedule. Now there was a span when all players could make the
session for several weeks in a row, and this was the poin...

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And another update.

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Session 16
a big fan of the various Tekumel scenarios contributed to The Book of
Visitations of Glory, archived on the site. Readers of
this blog may recall that I used Krista Donnely's “A Dark and
Stormy Night” as the basis for an early session. In th...

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And after RL delays, a brief blog post.

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Session 15
as soon as I declare I'm writing up the old sessions and make a
serious start on doing so RL intervenes. In this instance, it did so
in the form of a lingering cold which sucked all trace of energy and
motivation out of me. But I feel recovered e...

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And another session written up- I seem to be on a roll today...
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