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Hello everyone,

some months ago I read an article about Google moving Hangouts away from XMPP, and since then I started playing with the Hangouts native protocol in my spare time. A quick search on Google led me to these two projects already using the native protocol: (Qt/Qml app) (Python)

After an analysis I decided to refactor Hangish into a Qt library, removing app specific stuff (like data models and notifications), and creating something that could be reused by other apps.

This is how libhangish [1] was born.

Some months and cups of coffee later, I finally have a working version of libhangish, and also a telepathy connection manager called telepathy-hanging [2] (written in telepathy-qt [3]) that uses libhangish.

There's still a lot to be done in terms of features and defining a stable API, but the basic stuff is already there:

- Login (with and without 2 factor authentication)/Logout
- Set self presence
- Send/Receive text messages
- Group chats
- Contact list (with avatars and online status)
- Send/Receive typing notification
- Recover messages received while offline
- Receive delivery notifications

I created a Trello board [4] to track the whole progress, and also an Ubuntu PPA [5] (Wily only for now) if you wish to give it a try.
I expect to write a tutorial on how to build clients using libhangish soon.

Bug reports [7] and patches are welcome.

Thank you

 - libhangish API is still unstable and subject to changes.
 - Logging in with an app specific password [6] is currently broken. You have to use your master password for now.
 - If you have 2 factor authentication enabled on your account, empathy will ask you to enter the pin code.
 - telepathy-hanging requires telepathy-qt 0.9.6
 - telepathy-hanging stores some data to $HOME/.local/share/telepathy-hanging/

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Dialer, Messaging and Address book apps got design updates. Get the latest proposed image and check them out!
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+Tiago Herrmann implementou nas últimas semanas suporte ao envio de SMS para vários destinatários. Já é possível testar o recurso instalando uma imagem recente do Ubuntu Touch! Bom trabalho!
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Here is a quick demo of the multi-recipient SMS support recently landed in #Ubuntu.
It is possible to search contacts by name, phone number or even add a new/unknown phone number as recipient.
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"After raising $1 million in their first 4 hours, the Ubuntu Edge campaign has gone on to raise $5 million in less than two days. It’s breaking Indiegogo records left and right, and with your help, it could make history. “Ubuntu” — a free and open source Linux operating system — wants to make a smartphone, but not just any smartphone. In fact, the Ubuntu Edge might just make your existing phone seem old. It will be robust enough to even double as a desktop computer, and with a sapphire crystal screen, only a diamond could scratch it! In order to make a phone this game-changing, the Ubuntu team is running what could eventually be the largest crowdfunding campaign ever"
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