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I think you have talked about this before, but can't find it again. So the question is, will you get Delta updates, so you don't need to DL the full monty each time :)

Yessssss the update is here :)

Hi all

Just one question. I run the stable version now, but can i via the updater update to nightlies instead?, or do i need to re-flash the rom?.

A "little" feature request if possible, and "usable" enough. I find my self wanting to swipe anywhere on the screen to get my notification drawer many times during the day. Even with the "small" sg2 screen, it still takes some acrobatic skills to get my thumb on top of the screen :). What do you guys think?, usable or not?.

A little thing about youtube videos :) I don't know why, how, or who to blame here he he. But it has annoyed me for quite some time now that i can't see youtube videos in HD?. You get two option, CC HQ, but video still looks like it were recorded with an advanced potato cam. Is this out of CyanFox´s hands?, or can something be done about it :)

I have experienced two things since playing with profiles.
When i use the night profile, and turn off Wifi, and turn on Default at day time, it does not turn on Wifi automatically. But what it did turn on was Data?. Can anybody confirm this?

Also by switching profiles, it disabled notifications even though everything is turned on?. Can anybody confirm this as well?.

Maybe i should post this in request a feature, but it was an idea i just played with, and would be good to have some input from community :)

So since i am battery saver freak, i was thinking if it was possible to have a feature where you connect over / under clocking, voltage, etc. to the Profiles?.

So when i would play games, i would choose the profile games, and it would automatically set CPU, GPU according to that.

Or in other cases / use, i would under clock it etc.

Am i the only one who can see a use of this?, is it too complicated?, what do you think?

Has anybody tried to go with the ART runtime yet :) I know its not supported etc. But i have very itchy fingers lol.

Is it possible to use the Dorimanx Kernel with CyanFox on a SGi1900?, and tell about the performance :) Thanks

Hey all

I have decided to go Fox since it seems quite stable. Now i have one question regarding installing the Rom. Which one should i go with?. I see two version in download section, seems to be the same, just different dates.

With these version i have to download gapps too right :)

Or should i go with nightly and get the latest and greatest. And also, with the latest nightly, gaps is included right?

Fire away folks.... what is your choice of fox :)

Thanks for your help
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