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Robert Koritnik
Software engineer, web developer, tech enthusiast, father
Software engineer, web developer, tech enthusiast, father

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It should only be a display without the PC part but it looks amazing!
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Nice drone footage close to stormy clouds before dusk.
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Copy in browser, paste in command/terminal/shell and ... Evil code execution despite everything seems fine from the code you copied.
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Autogrow textarea Angular directive with vertically centered text
This post is about emulating input[text] with a textarea element to create a text wrapping input that adjusts its height to the amount of content it holds. A working example can be found on Plunker . When was the last time you asked yourself about input[tex...
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Textarea Autogrow Directive

Textboxes (input[text]) work great until you enter enough text so part of it scrolls out of view. This is a rather bad UX. Following textarea directive makes it possible to somewhat mimic text boxes but adjusts its height to fit all its content making it visible in full.

What it does:

1. Prevents entering new lines - text boxes don't allow ENTER either
2. Adjusts textbox height to fit all of its content so nothing gets truncated/hidden
3. Vertically centers content when textarea is higher (likely defined by CSS min-height) than its content - similar to text boxes where text is always vertically centered

Use at your own risk. :)

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Why this disparity in Roboto Condensed +Christian Robertson?
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HP ZBook G3 removes docking connector from the bottom

As you can see from the pre-launch published spec document, there is no docking connector we were used to on the bottom of the ZBook. All existing users that use docking station, will have to buy a new one that will connect to Thunderbolt connector. I know it's a single cable that one has to connect but having a docking station was much more convenient, not to mention its expansion capabilities (when advanced one was used).

Ditching this connector presumably allowed HP to thinnen ZBook, as this connector was rather bulky and protruding too deep into chassis making it difficult to place any PCD inbetween connector and keyboard.

So. We're in for creating more waste with something that works just perfectly and buy something that is not as good as the part we'll be discarding.

I can hardly wait for the ZBook to start shipping, but I'm everything else but happy about this lack of connector.
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To all those filled with hatred toward those that did this horror in Paris I dare to ask themselves: "Why do they hate us so much they want to kill us?"

Then try to answer this question as objectively as possible considering all forms of terrorism. Religious as well as state sponsored. Maybe you'll realise that the problem is not them, but you...

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What is UX (User Experience) design?
...and how does it differ from graphic/visual design?

Many would say that it's just a buzzword but in reality very similar to graphic design. But it's anything but!

This will make you realize the difference:

UX design is the placing of all those candies and nibbling things beside the cashier track at your convenience store while you wait in line to get served.
UX design is the positioning of bread and milk section as far from the entrance as possible so you see other products on the way there that tempt you into buying.

Graphic/visual design is the beautiful packaging of those candies so all elements on it look nice and beautiful (although packaging colours have likely been decided along with UX designer so product will be more likely to be seen and tasteful in appearance).
Graphic/visual design are all those great looking posters and ads that you see at cashier track waiting in line.

I hope you understand the difference. UX designers design experience in a way to increase business outcome (eventually monetization), while graphic designers create visually pleasing things.

Or at least that's how I'd put the difference between these two.
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Wouldn't it be great if one could write TSQL condition in `WHERE` clause as:

WHERE PK(PKCol1, PKCol2, ...)


WHERE PK = (PKCol1, PKCol2, ...)

The second one being a better option because we can select condition to not just use equality...
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