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Andreas Voringer (Schalldose)
und wenn ich nicht hier bin, bin ich aufm Sonnendeck...
und wenn ich nicht hier bin, bin ich aufm Sonnendeck...

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playmobil, nicht lego! trotzdem coole idee 😎

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Sieh dir meine 115,7 km-Radfahrt auf Strava an:

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Sieh dir meine 134,3 km-Radfahrt auf Strava an:

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On 16th of April i got an hangout requiry from an austrian guy. He told me, that they are planning a field in the north of my home area and if maybe i could support him with some names of people that could help. For me it was clear, i have to be a part of the operation and after a couple of words he told me the checkpoint: 06:00am. As i am not the guy that stands up early in the morning i had only one possibility: don´t go to bed ! But as there is always something, that will cross your plan, my wife told me two days later, that she will be in munich for this weekend and so i have to care for the kids. So now what possibilities did i have, to participate the operation ? Right, I will be the operator at home !
On 24th of April we agreed, to do so and we started to find teams in all the areas of our planed field. I´m sure you know, that is not easy to find agents for the night, or better the morning. But everyday we found one crazy agent more and finaly we had everywhere our people. Here i want to give a big thank you to Paul for connecting me to different agents in the northwest of our field. So what have been the special challenges in this mission:
First of all, i got to travel to customers in netherland just before the field operation. So this time i went by car to be more flexible. After arriving on Wednesday evening getting up at 05:30 on Thursday morning and after the meeting at the customer, i decided at 17:30 to drive home as far as i can, of course to have time on Friday for the last preparations. After about 200km, i got the information, that one of our agents turned a portal by ADA. After the owner asked him, what he´s doing, our agent send him a excuse with the words: „Sorry, top secret, Order from above. There will be a big field on Saturday“ I´m sure next time he will send it by personal hangout and not again in the faction chat on intel... After this the hangout nearly exploded, as now all were asking, if the field is leaked now and if we should put the mission into the waste bin. Yes, even my pulse was close to the 190km/h on my tacho. Here the first time i was surprised and proud of my team. They dind´t give up, they wanted to hold on to this plan and to build „OUR“  field. So finally when i arrived home at 01:30 in the night, the decision was made: we will continue.
The next problem was, that most of the field area was unknown terrain for me, as I´m more familiar with my home cell Foxtrott-11, second was the information that I don´t have to care for the CZ top of my field. This would be cleaned and prepared by the CZ people. You always have some pain in the stomach, when your responsible for a field, but to know, that one sector is not really in your hands. But in the last weeks i got in contact with some czech agents. They always were very relaxed and told me that i shouldn´t worry and they will care… As i didn´t know them  i was not sure until the final day, if i should be as relaxed as they are, too, or if i should be worried about their relaxation ! Now, as the operation is done and the field was successful, i can only say: Relax, sit down and trust the crazy CZ guys, even with closed eyes. There is absolutely nothing to be worried about. Thank you very much for your help. It was a pleasure, watching your perfect work.

Another special thank you i want to send to Arnold. He got up early in the morning, to take a ride from Plattling to kill the links of the „Dreisessel“ portals. He told us, that he had a very nice walk in the morning, alone through the forrest and up to the hill. After half an hour waiting for the GO, he killed the portals, took a photo from the morning athmosphere and returned safely home. As this was the last action, we´ve been waiting for, we were now finally ready to build the field. Everyone one was still in the hangout waiting at home or still in the car close to his last portal for this moment. I want to thank my complete team for their efforts, their enthusiasm and finally their power of endurance not only until the field was done. They all stayed with me waiting for the checkpoint at 06:00am. I´m really proud having such a great team of agents. Call me a lucky guy as this was working with lots of foreign people, that i´ve never seen before…

Finally some informations: We planned and realised a seven layer field, that made Christian a happy guy, getting 3,5 mio mu for this J Congratulation. Here one more special thank you to #schalldose , as he started with the first link from the Chapel Edling to the CZ. Congratulation to your longest link by now.

Thank you guys for driving about 700km, spending more than 20 ADAs, thousands of bursters and hundreds of ultra strikes.

Thanks to all my field neighbours for perfect teamwork:
#hausmasta #roman6078 #gregn #hanfman1950 #hypericum4 #mcdoubleyou #greenhuman #hyteran #vikimaus #falkinator74 and whoever i forgot now

Thanks to our new cz friends for farming keys and cleaning the north area - sorry i don´t have all the nicknames, but everyone involved knows...

Thanks to our keytransporters in austria #erato174 #m8nnyfgk   #roman6078 and #hypericum4 ;)

Thanks to my team:
#neum #marneum #SeleneDublin #lowclearence #DaAlf #schalldose #Lamona #l3gIoN #6reenhorne7 #pvtgump2538 #123schnaps #Floutschster #TPaul80 #Aicrish #Tom408 #kommando11 #DanteHimself #stiefkind #acron #gunslinger1  #freezzer  #amargos #chevalier65  

Special thanks to RedBull, Milka, Dany&Sahne, Chio Chips and John Player being with me and to my wife, being not with me in this chaos
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