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i am constantly clementine liming.
i am constantly clementine liming.


Hello! Even though our Directory is protected by the login screen it looks like member data (including addresses and phone numbers) are showing up on Google.

How can we make sure this isn’t happening? We only want member info (which they have the option of filling out or not) to be searchable and viewable by current members.

Is there an option for a bulk renewal date update?

In Squarespace, is it possible to make a page visible ONLY for members in a certain label/folder?


Hi there! Is it possible for admins to get an email when a new member signs up but only for certain labels?


Is it possible a member to add someone under "contacts" but have it be a charge at sign up?

Is it possible to give certain members a trial membership? We are importing all our members so if we have some that need to renew, I'd love them to see Membership Works and it's features for a few weeks and then renew.

I have a few questions:

- Is there a way to set up a referral program (or use another platform that does that) and allow members to earn points to use towards their member dues?

- When members sign up with membership, can they also have an option to donate to the organization? And donate just one time or sign up for a monthly gift?

- Can members add another member (like a business partner, intern, etc) when they sign up and have that create another member email login?


In Squarespace, how can I protect a whole folder from being viewable until members login? And is there a way to make sure that they can't share URLs in that folder to non members, without the login wall?


Another question-- is it the profile gallery or the business card that shows in the directory?

Is it possible to have a question in the sign up form (a drop down) automatically associate the selection with a label?
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