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Reading is way better than reality
Reading is way better than reality

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Through the Glass
“Where my feet will
take me I know not,  But I know of the bliss in the journey, From the darkest night
to the brightest dawn, All I can do is put
one foot in front of the other.” I love taking road trips. This might surprise some people
because I have a la...

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Rainy Days
Sometimes I feel like I don't want to do anything – not like
I want to relax. Rather, everything sounds boring and awful and it never did
before. I feel hopeless – like everything is futile so why do anything at all?
All I want to do is sit or sleep or list...

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Standing in Wonder
Today was wonderful.  It was raining
heavily and a little bit cold. I went hiking (With My good friend Alice ).
Everything was alive and green. By the end my hair was soaking, water was
dripping from my nose, my hands were numb and it was perfect. Then I we...

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I hate this feeling - the feeling you get when a really good book
ends.  The sadness that washes over you - When you almost start to cry - even
though the ending was perfect. It's like having a dream, a beautiful,
mesmerizing dream, and then waking up to a ...

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Blurred Perception: A Poem
I've been experimenting with poetry a lot lately; I think prefer writing
poetry to anything else. What do you think of this poem? 

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Poem of The Week: The Poetic Underground
Via : The Poetic Underground I recently discovered Erin Hanson and her Tumbr blog: The
Poetic Underground.  I absolutely love her poetry, her poems are simple and
beautiful, I was surprised by how many I could relate too. They are truly excellent.
My Favori...

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April Booklist
1. Where'd You Go, Bernadette Bernadette has a wild heart, but
after months of living in Seattle (which she hates) she pulls inside of herself,
and becomes somewhat of a recluse.  But her daughter,
Bee hatches a plan to draw her out and back into the world....
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