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Mirakkul Glassware
The Place Where Every Glass Is Handmade
The Place Where Every Glass Is Handmade

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Wall Art To Brighten Up Your Home

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Must-Have Items for Holiday Decorating

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Glassware – Make it Part of Your Christmas

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Everything for the Arts!
Tous pour l'art!
Alles für die Kunst!
كل شيء للفنون!
Todo para las Artes!
Все для искусства!
Alles voor de Kunsten!
Τα πάντα για τις τέχνες!
Segalanya untuk Kesenian!
Tudo para as artes!

Please vote this picture:

European TV is searching 8 artists. ARTE , ZDF & RTBF will produce a 6 part TV series "What is modern art?" The eight artists will have the opportunity to participate in established artists in a master class.

They search artists, graduates of art schools and self-taught artist with a unique style. An internationally renowned jury will select the candidates from the eight participants. In the master class, the artists have the opportunity to be watching from known artists as mentors at work and advice. The jury followed the work of artists living and sometimes controversial discussions

On the one hand may be the show as a springboard for young artists, on the other side of the audience will close part of how the selection of the eight most interesting artists comes about, is when creating new works of art and experience in the discussions, after which criteria of modern art is judged.

Please vote for PLATUX:
Enjoy more PLATUX Photo Art on Google+

Thank you :)

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