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Nathaniel L. Stewart-Brown
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That's. God. In. The. Mist. Of. It. All
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Please turn your sound up. The video is about to begin playing... Watch this presentation carefully. The end will surprise you... Please wait while we're loading your presentation... Add To Cart · Add To Cart · Click Here To Read The Video Transcript · Contact Us Terms Privacy Disclaimer Refunds ...
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"They don't even know, it's going to be an app for that ass!"~ Princess LMAO that's my nigga man, wild ass!
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Maya Angelou once poignantly said: “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Many of us strive for this. We do good, moral, and upright things because we want to leave a positive legacy in our wake. Unfortunately,... View Article
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Wow its weird how I come across this message and it says it down 2 the BIG T.. Well if u don't think I no what's going on I no & u no who u R looks like u still wanna fukin play games WITH me well, k bring IT!!! I gotcha & u no who u R SO EITHER BAK THE FUK UP OR GET BURNED SO GAME ON!
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It has room for a skyscraper with 40 floors and it contains both jungle and a river. The Son Doong cave in Vietnam are the largest one in the world ...
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Nathaniel L. Stewart-Brown

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I'm sorry I teared up on this so I had to share it!
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Security Guard, Student, Webcam model, Recruiter, and Simo-leon grabber!
Sales, Skip Tracing, 10-key, 30 WPM, Intermediate computer experience, and Etc.
  • Apropos Entertainment
    Vice-President, 2011 - present
    Marketing and Promotions of everything moral and what most would deem Immoral but secretly love it. UNDER CONSTRUCTION, NEW MANAGEMENT, AND COMPANY STRUCTURING!
  • Executive Security
    Executive Security Guard, 2015 - present
    Monitor and report... top flight of the world
  • New Image Concepts
    1999 - present
  • Internet Modeling
    Webcam Model, 2009 - present &
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Houston, Tx
Southwest Houston, Tx, - South Side, Houston, Tx - Austin, Tx - Southeast, Houston, Tx
Contributor to
A golden hearted, sane psycho!


NXG-Media, Promotions Director
The next generation in Subliminal Reality. Business Consulting, Graphic Design Media Marketing and Advertising. We don’t do what others do, we do BrandNu!
Affordable Elegance Home Furnishings & Room Design

Salesman; Nathaniel Stewart ID: NS-121809
At Affordable Elegance our mission is to provide quality home furnishings at an affordable prices. Premier Provider of Affordable, Quality, and Elegant Home Furniture at a Dealer Direct Prices! I want everyone to welcome me to redecorate /or furnish your home; while accommodating your budget, and style. We offer NO CREDIT CHECK FINANCING: *Note: All Consultations Are By Appointment Only. SET APPOINTMENT:
Delivering to the Greater Houston and Surrounding Areas

______________________________________________ watch out for my posts and blogs.

Human-being, Customer Service and Sales Specialist. Aspired Writer, Architect, Business Consultant, Humanitarian, Philanthropist and Poet. I will always love from the heart, speak my mind and the truest story I know. I want the world to change for the best not the better at the moment but who knows best, no one. We do know better than doing all the wrong in the world and that has been. I will act on emotions while containing my composure. I have always been a dreamer and looking for brighter days.

Get to know me and never judge me, because I'll make you second guess the multiple choices that the world judging eyes provides. You don't have to love me, but I will still love you; all ___ azz haterz and loved ones alike!

Working toward my trillion and will give back every moment I live! I'm practicing at getting it right!
Nathaniel L. Stewart
Customer Service Specialist, Entrepreneur, Technopreneur, & Promoter

And Have A Blessed Day   !1Luv!

Bragging rights
I have written lyrics, but did not get them copy written before posting them on the internet. It's not bragging I was screwed, have 2 beautiful children Aidan, and Nailah. I have been in a relationship with one hot ass chick for 6 years and she say she will never leave me dispite whatever until death do us part #notebooklove #NoahNAlly. I'm her Noah and she's my Ally. I'm sorry, no excuse my ass, because I am cocky enough to say that #IRock!
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  • Houston Community College System
  • Anderson Elemetary
  • Hartsfield Elemetary
  • Cullen Middle School
  • Jack Yates High School
  • Accademey of Accelarated Learning
  • Savannah's Beauty School
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Nathaniel Leon Stewart-Brown
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