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Well, all my 4GB sticks are worthless now. Windows 2012R2 is too big.

Come on Google, what's up with images today? half my pages are broken image links?

That or things are being randomly blocked by the router.

Nothing like good ol' Brave Saint Saturn.

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I've been using Bittorrent's Sync app for about a week now and I am quite impressed by it. For a long time now I've been looking for a simple and easy tool to get my mom's files replicated and this is by far the best I've found. Everything else required special configuration, port mapping, or firewall changes. But this is as plug and play as one could get.

I just wish there was a working open source alternative.

I'm sorry we haven't hung out much g+. There's been so much going on lately. My kids, wife, work, snow, facebook, twitter. I really should have called to see how you were doing. How about we hang out this Friday? We'll go to the bar, get some wings and beer and reminisce on the ol' days.

Kewl, just increased my github streak to 3 days! :D

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Catchy tune.

The plan is picking up steam. I hope this means the boss is blessing the endeavor and I am not the rich fool.

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This place is kinda dull. Here's a picture of my cat.

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