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Not just #likeaboss; #likeafemmeboss! Calling all aspiring Femme Bosses out there! Check out my blog for women's empowerment resources. I explain how to live your best life now, and take charge of your studies, finances, self-confidence, and health and wellness. Like our girl Beyonce, let's proudly say, "Who run the world? GIRLS!"

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Boss. But not Hugo Boss. More like, become your own Boss, Femme Boss! Discover the tricks of the trade - health, wellness, productivity, confidence, and goal-setting - all in one blog! 

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boss boss boss boss boss boss boss boss... now make that m*%#$r hammer time! Join our community for insight on how to be more #likeafemmeboss now - don't delay!

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Want to find out how to manifest this much cash? Visit to learn more.

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Check out this Web page (at for a concise list of topics that will help you feel, look, and live more #likeafemmeboss.

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Gender is awesome and also an arbitrarily constructed social construct. I welcome all genders to please visit my blog,, for more information on women's empowerment, social justice, wellness, and productivity-enhancing tips, resources, and products!

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Hey babes! Check out my blog,, for productivity and wellness resources at your fingertips! Bliss and calm are just a few tangible clicks away... <3

Coming soon>> I'll be offering y'all a free downloadable ebook for signing up for my newsletter and following my social media accounts! Looking forward to uplifting and encouraging you even more in a very tangible way! <3

Much love,

So excited to be providing y'all the best tips and techniques I've found for productivity and wellness! Together, we can close the gender gap, implement more social justice in action, and become happier and more successful.

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Affirmations resources now available at my blog!
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