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| Nevermore - The River Dragon Has Come |

Taken from: Dead Heart in a Dead World | 2012


Stay eXtreme!

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Those artificial harmonics \m/
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It is now time to announce the path we chose to tread for Psygnosis. After the departure of Yohan Oscar and the experience with Renato Di Folco as a session singer, it occured to us that Psygnosis could be a purely instrumental band.
We integrate as a full fledged member our cellist Raphael Verguin and we will soon propose you an EP and gigs under this new formation.

Il est desormais temps de vous annoncer la voie que nous avons choisi pour Psygnosis. 
Après le départ de Yohan ainsi que l'expérience avec Renato Di Folco en chanteur de session, il nous ait clairement apparu l'idée d'un Psygnosis instrumental.
Nous integrons donc à plein temps notre violoncelliste Raphael Verguin et allons vous proposer un EP très prochainement ainsi que des lives sous cette nouvelle forme.
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Thanks for the share 
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Demain en Savoie avec Renato Di Folco au chant. L'avant dernière avec notre ami au chant :)

(Petit extrait :…/fiiix-20-vocals-by-renato)
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Listen to psygnosis | Explore the largest community of artists, bands, podcasters and creators of music & audio.
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Check out Thrashmania\m/

It's that time for our daily segment: LePeR MeSSiaH's 364 Greatest Albums Of All Time.
Lets take a look at the list so far:
364. Diamond Plate - "Pulse" - 2013
363. Iron Kingdom - "Gates of Eternity" - 2013
362. Dunkell Reiter - "Unholy Grave" - 2014
361. Legion - "State of Decay" - 2013
360. Perpetual Warfare - "The Age of War" - 2013
359. Godslave - "In Hell" - 2013
358. Stone - "Emotional Playground" - 1991
357. War-Saw - "Nuclear Nightmare" - 2013
356. Toxic Holocaust - "Chemistry of Consciousness" - 2013
355. Rezet - "Have Gun, Will Travel" - 2010
354. Thraw - "Decoding the Past" - 2013
353. Axegressor - "Next" - 2011
352. Aggression - "Moshpirit" - 2009
351. Agent Steel - "Omega Conspiracy" - 1999
350. Crisix - "The Menace" - 2011
349. Spellcaster - "Under the Spell" - 2011
348. Heretic - "A Time Of Crisis" - 2012
347. Savage Steel - "Begins With A Nightmare" - 1987
346. Hell's Domain - "Hell's Domain" - 2013
345. Rancor - "Dark Future" - 2013
344. Nuclear Salvation - "Ruins Of Reality" - 2013
343. Mantic Ritual - "Executioner" - 2009
342. Pessimist - "Call To War" - 2010
341. Airdash - "Thank God It's Monday" - 1988
340. Angel Dust - "Into The Dark Past" - 1988
339. Arbitrater - "Darkened Reality" - 1993
338. Nucleator - "Home Is Where War Is" - 2012
337. Fastkill - "Beastial Thrashing Bulldozer" - 2011
336. Cyclone Temple - "My Friend Lonely" - 1994
335. Bulldozer - "The Day Of Wrath" - 1985
334. Alligator - "Immortal Entity" - 1991
333. War Thrashed - "Into the Nightmare of Violence" - 2013
332. Legacy - "Full-Scale Invasion" - 2013
331. Kublai Khan - "Annihilation" - 1987
330. Dr. Living Dead - "Radioactive Intervention" - 2012
329. Holy Grail - "Crisis In Utopia" - 2010
328. Hyades - "And the Worst Is Yet to Come" - 2007
327. Insane - "Wait and Pray" - 2005
326. Lintver - "Snakebite" - 2013
325. Accuser - "Diabolic" - 2013
324. Exeloume - "Fairytale of Perversion" - 2011
323. Dementia - "Recuperate From Reality" - 1991
322. Stone - "No Anaesthesia" - 1989
321. Hirax - "The New Age of Terror" - 2004
320. Nekromantheon - "Divinity of Death" - 2010
319. Helloween - "Walls of Jericho" - 1985
318. Zombie Attack - "Through Circles of Hell" - 2014
317. Untimely Demise - "Systematic Eradication" - 2013
316. Metal Church - "The Dark" - 1986
315. Massacre - "From Beyond" - 1991
314. Machine Head - "Unto the Locust" - 2011
313. Holy Moses - "Disorder of the Order" - 2002
312. Fates Warning - "Awaken the Guardian" - 1986
311. Exmortus - "In Hatred's Flame" - 2008

#310. Condition Critical - "Operational Hazard" - 2013
LePeR MeSSiaH's recommended songs:
"Random Acts of Killing"
"Parasitic Torment"
"Surgical Malpractice"
"Sector 16"
LIKE if you like this album, COMMENT with your favorite song, and SHARE if this is your favorite album of all time.
-LePeR MeSSiaH
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HUGE shop update, check it out folks!
Online-Shop for Thrash, Black, Death, Heavy, Doom, CDs, Vinyl, Shirts, Zines
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The guys suffered a devastating blow, losing all of their equipment in a house fire. As good friends do, Rock Addict Radio wants to help them out, by putting on a telethon fundraiser!!!
Fire By Night have been great friends of Rock Addict Radio for quite some time, and recently the guys suffered a devastating blow, losing all of their equipment in a house fire. As good friends do, Rock Addict Radio wants to help them out, by putting on a telethon fundraiser!
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Fuck Facebook!!
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Pawnshop Chronicles
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This is a place where metal artists can come to post their videos, reverbnation links,website information etc...This page will be promoted all over the web and give the artists a chance to have their music and info seen everywhere...I am hoping that here is where listeners and industry reps and artists can come together to be able to post, listen to and check out lots of metal artists that they otherwise may have never had a chance of ever hearing....It's my way of helping to support the metal scene, so lets get some music up here and run with this, the more the merrier, no haters on this page just music , music, music so enjoy and support your favorite genre of music metal.!!!, Oh and lets promote the hell out of this, the more links to the site the more people will get to see the artists.....thanks again....
Shawn \m/

I am going to be doing a featured band section on this page as well. It will feature one of the bands that have posted on the Metal Showcase site. The feature will run for one week and will be accesable through a tab on the left side of the page. It will include Main picture, music tracks, info, newest show schedule, videos and a link to their website... I will also be doing a review or an interview with the band or both as well.
The bands will also be showcased on twitter and youtube and facebook under the MetalShowcase name.......
I want to turn this into a place for artists, listeners and industry reps alike to come and check out todays up and coming metal groups.

As things progress new ideas and features will be added...this site is all about getting the metal music out there for everyone to hear and to help support the metal scene as a get posting.....

This is just one part of a whole project that I am working on and putting together for a new business that will be realized in the spring of 2013....I will keep everyone in the loop......

Also make sure to check out Shawn's Metal Showcase on Rock Addict Radio...

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Shawn's Metal Showcase is also available as a podcast downloadable on itunes! So if you can't tune in just either stream or download at you convience!

Always the best in metal, hard rock both independent and major as well as talk and discussion about different aspects of the metal music industry and community!

Send me your info if you would like to be one of the weekly featured artists on the page.....
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