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Ashley Urke
Creative Homemaking for the Modern Day Woman
Creative Homemaking for the Modern Day Woman


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To Everything There Is A Season
// Today's post is another one hiding in my blog posts drafts.  It was written in the Spring but I couldn't get myself to post it.  Reading it now I see value in the words.  At the time the feelings were just too fresh.  I would find myself feeling hopeful,...

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Home Can Be Anywhere
I wrote this post a few months ago and had left it as a draft.  Re-reading it now, I needed this reminder.  The emotions continue to go up and down over our life here in Virginia.  I will admit to more discontentment than contentment.  But reading words lik...

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Starting a Moms Group
It has been
about a year and a half now since I stepped down from coordinating the moms group at my church in California (both in preparation for my son's birth as well as our potential move at the time).  I am happy to report that the group is still going...

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What To Do With Margin
I recently accumulated a little more margin in my life.  Our house is unpacked and decorated.  We started using free Walmart online grocery pickup (life changer!).  Our son is a little older and is now up and awake longer times during the day.  And we have ...

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Summer Around The Farmhouse
Summer is our last new full season here in Virginia.  Come the fall (specifically November) we will have been here for a whole year and have experienced every season (crazy how time flies!).  While summer had it's hot and humid moments, there was actually q...

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Our First Party in Virginia
A few months ago we hosted our first party in our home in Virginia.  It was a work event for my husband's company - a casual get together over dinner to show appreciation for the hard work everyone had been putting in. We hosted the event at our home while ...

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Chocolate Banana Almond Butter Chia Pudding
Chia pudding is my new jam.  On a whim I tried making it for the first time a few weeks ago and now I cannot stop.  Since it is new to me I have only perfected my first recipe.  But with all the possible flavor combinations, I am sure there will be many mor...

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3 Tips For Being More Productive
Since becoming a mom I have sadly become more forgetful.  While I love feeling productive during the day it is also a fine line for me to walk to also be more present with my family as well as with others.  I can get so consumed with what I need to do that ...

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The Last Two Months (Or What I Learned From A Break)
I blinked and two months had past since I had written a blog post.  This summer seems to have flown by (as it always does).  But I intentionally took a little break from social media not realizing that I would also take such a long break from blogging. We k...

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The Mark of Time
On the eve of our son's first birthday I sat holding him after his last feeding of the day as he fell fast asleep in my arms .  Falling asleep being held is a rarity around here so I took advantage of this sweet moment - holding my sweet baby who was on his...
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