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Susana Nieto
Director of Faith Formation at Saint Martin of Tours Catholic Church in Los Angeles, CA.
Director of Faith Formation at Saint Martin of Tours Catholic Church in Los Angeles, CA.

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The Pilgrimage that Changed My Life
My classic photo at the Pisa Tower! In May of 2006, I went to Rome on a pilgrimage with a group of people for the occasion of a worldwide encounter with the Holy Father. I was excited about going to Rome for the first time and getting to see places that I’v...

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Silence in Friendship
When you have a good friend, the awkwardness of silence goes away . Sometimes silence speaks louder than words and sometimes to be in the presence of the other is enough for true friendship . But how can we apply silence to our relationship with God? Our re...

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What are you searching for?
Have you ever experienced one of those sleepless nights when after trying to count sheep, to listen to relaxing music, to read a book or _______ (fill in the blank with your most used method), you just decide to spend some time with Mr. Google and get one...

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What Are You Waiting For?
Often times we feel uncomfortable waiting. Just think about it for a minute…we get frustrated even for the smallest things, like a line at the bank or the post office because “there are a lot of things to get done and we have no time to waste.” 

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Join us on Sunday,November 30th in the Parish Center

All supplies for the fresh garland wreaths will be provided for. It’ s easy and fun and it will start your Advent off in a special way for you
and your families!

A $10.00 donation is appreciated.

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God's Logic
When I hear the parable
of the talents I remember another passage that tells us how Spiritual Gifts work; “There is
more joy in giving than in receiving” (Acts 20:35). It is basically God’s Logic that works here. Instead
of things running out as you give th...

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Which superhero are you?
Most of us have looked up to superheroes at one point in our lives. Did you ever dress up like one of them? I did! My mother always organized costume parties on my birthday and one year, I dressed up as Wonder Woman. It was probably my 5th or 6th birthday b...  #realhero   #superheroes   #saints   #besaints  

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Life is Good!
How many times do we find ourselves saying “Life is
Good!” This may happen when something totally unexpected brings joy to our
lives, when we have a good time or when things come up in the way we hope they
will. Have you ever thought why life is actually go...

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