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So it was Monday today, my toddler woke me at 5:00 , in my daze I read the clock as 6! Which is the perfect time for me to wake up for work. I made a coffee, put the telly on for her and jumped in the shower. I checked my phone when I got out the shower only to see it was 5:20. really??? So i was up early before i embark on a 10 hour shift 😤 in the car my toddler ia in the back screaming no nursery!!!! I understand why she hates it.....I mean I'm there everyday I feel her pain! But I can't get away with kicking and screaming refusing to go in the front door. I can't remember the last time I slept past 7 o'clock including weekends. I suppose that's what you sign up to when you have a kid. When I have my second one does that mean less sleep? Double the stress? And double the tears? I always thought one was enough no more thanks. Can't go through that again! I'd go through Labour everyday instead of the terrible 2s tantrums. So my Monday was alright, rough but alright. Monday's are always crazy in a nursery alot of tears. You learn to block it out. I still havnt told my boss I'm pregnant. Shitting myself to be honest. It was a surprice the first time this time it's a massive fucking shock. And I'm sure my boss will feel the same. I'm planning to tell on Friday so she has the weekend to let it sink in. 😕 does everyone feel nervous about telling their boses?
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