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Rob Anderson
Just your typical geek who loves spending time with his family
Just your typical geek who loves spending time with his family

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The beverage station 

How typical my wife had to send her Samsung s6 edge away to get sorted, so has had to borrow a Windows phone from our son and of course today is the day Microsoft decides to stop supporting Facebook messenger 

The Honor 8 is a stunning piece of hardware, I love how it feels in the hand, and how the light reflects off it. This is the third Huawei phone I have owned consecutively and would highly recommend it to anyone. 

My honor 8 finally arrived its even more stunning in the hand. Videos on YouTube do it no justice 

Honest guvnor I'm not pacing up and down waiting for my Honor 8 to be delivered 😀😀

Finally due my upgrade today trying to decide whether to go for the Honor 8 or the Lenovo p2 guess I should sleep on it and decide in the morning 

A while ago I asked for recommendations on what phone I should choose next. In order to save money on my next contract I have opted between the Honor 8 or the Huawei p9 spec wise both are roughly the same just different bodies. Question is do I go for the metal bodied p9 or the sexy blue glass bodied Honor 8, although I think I may have already answered my question lol

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I'm due a phone upgrade at the end of January and am stuck between 4 phones 
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Samsung S7
HTC 10
Huawei p9
Honor 8

+Ted Salmon+Steve Litchfield​ I have a Huawei p9 lite and have Google now launcher installed, the finger print sensor still works fine 
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