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Dave Gibson
Entrepreneur, techie, father, husband, avid jogger
Entrepreneur, techie, father, husband, avid jogger


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Hi, I am here to help you create fresh content for your blog or website. See my Fiverr Gig in the description.
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Keyword Giveaway - This keyword is a global product. Main keyword has:

1. Local Monthly Search Volume (LSV) = over 2400 with a low Keyword Competition Score (KCS) of only 32!!!

2. Top-ranked site is a new Amazon affiliate site (DA = 0, PR = 0, but has a moderately high CF and TF) with a few backlinks, yet still outranked other sites (including a few ecommerce sites) with thousands of backlinks. Another top ten site (#6) is a new Adsense site. The sites at #8 and #10, you should be able to outrank.

Plenty of Amazon products to build on...
Keyword is: "induction cooktop reviews"

Wish you the best....

Well-written first person point-of-view reviews are converting more than other point-of-view review styles. Nearly 3 to 1 in my case. Anyone else tested first person vs other narrative styles for their products views?

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Keyword Giveaway - This keyword (global product) and related keywords should put a smile on our faces. Look at my pic - yeah, that kinda smile. Main keyword has:

1. Local Monthly Search Volume (LSV) = over 3400 with a incredibly low Keyword Competition Score (KCS) of only 26!!!

2. Competition you can outrank in Top 10 SERPs for main KW is a "thread" at #7 (no CF or TF) and a wiki at #9. So, I believe you should be able to rank your site in the Top 10 and make some money from Amazon Affiliate Commissions and Adsense earnings.

3. Secondary Keyword has an LSV above 2400 AND KCS under 30!!!

4. Avg CPC for main around $1.00

5. Plenty of related Amazon products that provide decent-to-great commissions

Be mindful that just because the main KW KCS is 26 doesn't mean there's not stiff competition in the Top 10 SERPs from some ecommerce sites. Thankfully, for this KW, if you set your niche site up "right", you should be able to outrank the "thread" and a few other sites.

Several related KWs with good KCS scores.

Main KW - "mini keg"
Secondary KW - "mini kegerator"

So, you have two good foundational KWs to get started with...go and get the related KWs (if you are unable to, let me know and I can provide more). Setup your site...start building great, epic your on-page SEO...let the site "marinate" for a month (get some natural links) a few natural, high-quality links...and do the social "thing" to get the word out about your site. Make sure you setup Amazon link/button to sell internationally.

I hope this helps someone.....wish you the best with it.

P.S. If you stall because you think someone else is building the site now or you feel like you got in too late, you just, get out there and do it!!!

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Here's one of the creepiest keywords that I've researched in a long time. And can you believe that it's Local Search Volume (LSV) is 8100 and a KCS of only 32!!! Not only that, but Amazon has several products geared toward this niche. I was dumbfounded, befuddled, bewildered, bemused, amazed, and surprised that Amazon has items related to this. The keyword phrase is "zombie survival kit". My blog post has more info about this keyword, secondary keyword, and related keywords. Check it out....

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As entrepreneurs, we can expect to face challenges as we push towards our goal of "working less and enjoying life more". Fear is one of those challenges....and it's a big one for some of us. Read how I learned to "manage" my fears. Notice I didn't say overcome them, but manage them.
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Hi To All, this is "Big Dave" from and I look forward to learning from this community. I, too, own a few niches sites and am looking to build more. Recently so my beloved niche site, made over $1,000 in profit and am looking to "rinse and repeat".

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