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Coming back to GOOG/CIA's little panopticon to say only one thing: KODI 17.0 WHAT THE FUCKING HELL did you do?

Seriously, this was once the best media center out there. And now they "revamped" it with version 17 and the awful fucking "touch screen enhanced" interface. I CAN'T EVEN USE THE SCROLL WHEEL PROPERLY YOU FUCKING MORONS.

Nevermind all the broken addons I used to depend on. Christ, I though I had the stupid thing WORKING and I just fired it up to get a scrambled fucking screen requiring a healthy dose of KILL -9 to fix.

Oh but they added a slider to block "unauthorised sources" now. You realise, of course, that those same "unauthorised sources" are the reason why Kodi is almost a household name. But fuck, I just wanted PLEXBMC so I could talk to my Plex server. Nope, that doesn't work anymore. OH but there's a new Plex addon! Wow, it takes over the whole screen, I can't hit ESC to get out of it, and it requires a fucking logon I never needed before. KILL -9 TO FIX.

You guys fucking suck. Way to absolutely wreck everything. I look forward to the inevitable forking of Kodi 16. The sooner the better.

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Time for a new meme to replace the old. Newsweek had this "very special commemorative issue" prepared LAST WEEK. I want a picture of President-elect Trump holding this.

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Too good to not be repeated. You're a fat fucking sellout, Moore.

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And here's Part IV of the Veritas investigation. "Follow the money..."

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Since GoogTube is doing everything it can to cause "technical difficulties" for Project Veritas, here is a direct link to the next in the series.

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Part 2 of the Rigging the Election series! Hillary's crooked campaign, right from their own mouths.

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Watch it before this gets censored by Hillary's people at Google.

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And next on Shoegaze Wednesday...well maybe they aren't technically from the "shoegaze" era, but close enough.... (and speaking of reunions...I wish Robin & Liz would do one as unlikley as that is...or at least Liz & Massive Attack again...)

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And next, my beloved Lush from 20 years ago...(jebus h christmas time passes)...

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Some SVIIB for your shoegazing pleasure?
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