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Getting read to run a Blue Rose one shot and I have this idea I'm concerned about that might be touchy.

I want to create a pregen from Jarzon (a conservative religious country). The character is a young boy who is trans and his people saw it at an early age and tried to keep him gender male. He eventually finds an opportunity to run away and ends up in Kern (the evil country run by a liche).

In Kern he is allowed to become a she and she falls in love with a dark lord. The country goes to war and she goes to war with them even though Kern loses the war.

In the scenario her dark lord is seeking asylum from the country they lost to (Aldis) and she has an opportunity to be reunited with her brother who now live in Aldis.

I want to explore the difficulties of being trans but don't want the character to be taken as "trans people are evil". Does anyone see any pitfalls in representing the character this way?

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San Diablo #1 is now on drivethrurpg.

Does anyone plan on running The Watch at Origins? I was thinking about running the QuickStart at Games on Demand but if someone else is running I would rather play. 

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Kingdomcon day 3: Upwind, Numenera, Wheelhouse, AD&D, Fall of Magic, DCC, Pathfinder and others. 
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Kingdomcon day 2
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Awesome first day playing Headspace at Kingdomcon
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San Diablo RPGzine is done! It will be available at kingdomcon for free starting tonight. 

Hi. I've played an ran masks and handful of times but only as con oneshots. Something I noticed is that in all the games Influence never gets used. I was wondering what other groups have done to make use of the mechanic and bring drama between the PCs?

I use to run D&D for teens at a library but it got cancelled due to attendance. While running the program I would give every teen a set of dice and once a year ran an anniversary event with prizes. Since the program ended I have a lot of supplies left over including around 10 sets of dice, and things like dice bags, large d20s and Dragonwing dragons. I was thinking about having an event where I could give away this stuff as prizes or something and was looking for suggestions.

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I trying to think what to run at KingdomCon. I already decide I would run Inverse World (a Dungeon World setting). However, I planned on running something more main stream and thought I'd leave it up to the group. I'll run which ever has the most votes.
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Shadowrun Anarchy
Mage the Ascension 20th
7th Sea 2nd ed
Doctor Who AiTaS
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