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Anurag Chugh
lithiumhead, engineer, photographer, zany, lallupanju
lithiumhead, engineer, photographer, zany, lallupanju

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Arduino code for ESP8266 to take readings from DHT11 and upload them to is a great data broker and visualization platform for IoT devices. Up until now it was out of reach for ESP8266 fans because the Arduino environment for ESP8266 did not support SSL/TLS connections. But now it does. So here is how to get...

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Scanning X-Ray Films
So Recently - because of binge running - I ended up with pain in my right thigh. So I had to visit an orthopedic doctor who diagnosed me with a pulled sciatica . We got an X-Ray done to make sure it wasn't the spine that was digging into the nerve to cause ...

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Setting up TL-WPS510U Wireless Print Server
HP LaserJet 1020 plus working fine with TL-WPS510U wireless print server We have an HP LaserJet 1020 plus which we wanted to share on our network. Since this is a printer which only has a USB port, it can be shared by connecting it to a windows computer and...

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ESP8266 + DHT22 + Arduino + Web Server
So here is a modified version of how to get a DHT22 working on ESP8266 NodeMcu board using the Arduino IDE (not Lua) The project is based on: Get the com...

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Mounting ARM Linux (OLinuXino/Raspberry Pi) SD card .img files on Desktop PC to access its rootfs
Linux distributions for embedded ARM board like Raspberry Pi or iMX233-OLinuXino-MAXI are available as prebuilt SD card images supplied as raw .img files. For example, .img files for ArchLinux are available for Raspberry Pi and OLinuXino . These files can b...

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Interface USB Mouse to your Arduino using CH375B
CH375B module. It is usually supplied with a 2 way jumper mounted on TXD and RXD pin. The TXD RXD pins are located next to the female USB receptacle. Please unmount the jumper before use. Get the following components: Arduino Nano  Male to female jumper wir...

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Automatically rebooting Vstarcam HD C7838WIP Wireless IP Camera
I have 6 IoT devices in my house. Most of them are DIY and I have documented their build processes on this blog. One of them is a commercial product. Weather Station (OpenWrt) blogpost Energy Meter (OpenWrt) blogpost Ambient Sensors (Particle Photon) blogpo...

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Automatically rebooting piaware and prevent outage (avoid "not feeding ADS-B to FlightAware" emails)
A few months ago, I setup a Raspberry Pi 2 at my house in Pune to monitor the ADS-B signals from aircrafts passing overhead. I referred the build process outlined here to build my own PiAware setup. The problem is that roughly twice a week, I used to get th...

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MT7688 Duo getting started.
Now days I am putting together a basic kit for an IoT course that I am designing. The kit consists of items purchased from Visha World . This is what it looks like at the moment. All of the above components - except MT7688 Duo - can be purchased online from...

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Simple chat server and client
Simple Chat IPv4 Server and Client code.

Run the server on one computer and the clients on the same network.
Whatever one client sents to the server, it is copied and sent to all the clients connected to it.

The code is hosted on gist and embedded below.
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